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Marca: Real Madrid thinks of MarianoDlrvOTvX0AA-Bw-.jpg
Marca / Mariano Diaz confirmed it loud and clear less than two weeks ago: "You can not say no to Real Madrid."
Marca / Mariano's message on Twitter was not only a denial of rumors that he was not interested in returning to Real Madrid, but was also a wink to the club that would win him if he knocked on his door.
Marca / Mariano Diaz's wink on August 11 may become a reality in the next few hours as the striker can get a second chance in white jerseys.
Cadena Ser Real Madrid held talks this morning with Lyon and Mariano to inform them of their desire to restore the player.
as | Lopetti explained to Mariano the role he expects from him, which will not be fundamental in principle but will be a priority at the expense of Majoral if he did not leave the latter.
as | Lopegeti contacted Mariano to see if he would like to return to Real Madrid and the player responded positively as he gave his approval for the deal.
as | The idea is that the official announcement of Mariano's contract will be made as soon as possible and submitted tomorrow.


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We need a big start like mbabi or naymar
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