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What's up Steemians. I hope you are doing all well? 😁
One week past since my last contribution but I think most of you probably figured out why.
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I was preparing myself for the Champions League Playoffs against Red Star Belgrade. On Tuesday we played there in an empty stadium without any fans. Weired conditions.

Some of you know that the game ended "only" in a standoff.
When I say only, I mean that some people would interpret it like that.
The expectations reinforced because of our good start in the season let people believe we should crush every opponent. And when this doesn't happen everything is terrible and every good thing in the recent past is also forgotten.
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Every time I have to laugh when I see a report of the media how they are analyzing the whole situation. Something we as athletes had to deal from the very beginning. Often, and I mean often the majority of people sees things differently. Which is not a bad thing in general. The questions are how accurate it is.

Let me give you another example:

Steem! When you try to explain Steem to another crypto fanboy in most cases he is already prejudiced and can't take the good advantages and or reasonable arguments for the Steem ecosystem.
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Someone who is more in detailed involved is able to draw you a more profound picture. It doesn't mean that he or she is definitely right about what he is saying, but you can be sure that this information is accurate. This person knows what he/she is talking about knows the quirks and flaws.

So here is what I think:

Of course, we had the goal to score at least one goal there. Yes, I think it was maybe not the best game of us, and yes, we also had a bit of luck that we didn't get one.

But reviewing the whole game let me confidently say that we are the better team. And now next Wednesday we have a final in our stadium. Either or! Nothing in between.
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I see it precisely that way, and I am excited about it to have this challenge. Even if the majority of people sees something different, it doesn't mean they are right.

I hope your last week went well for you? :)
Today is my free day, and now I will browse a bit through the Steemit Ocean

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Having a final back home is beautiful I guess, I hope the crowd will push you forward! :)
Enjoy your free day!


I hope that too my friend :) But I have a good feeling ;)

@modernpastor It indeed must have been a strange experience! But the result is a good foundation for knocking open the door the groups of the Champions League!
I do hope that you will get 1-0 ahead in the home game, then Red Stat will have to take risks which could be exploited!
I never have been so interest in a Austrian Football team as now 😁
I am confident that you will reach the groups and that you will score in the real Champions League! To bad the Belgian station decided to broadcast the PSV game in stead of yours!


Thanks Peter :)
I see it the same way as you ^^ At home we will get ahead.

Great to hear that your interest in Austrian football increased ;)

Ihr schafft das schon, ich drück dir die Daumen😊


Ich danke dir :)

Steem! When you try to explain Steem to another crypto fanboy in most cases he is already prejudiced and can't take the good advantages and or reasonable arguments for the Steem ecosystem.

I think this is a great example. And I also think that this is always the case when people are prejudiced in every aspect of life.

Bottom line is that since you as an insider feel that you guys have a better team, make sure that you enjoy the upcoming final. And the positive result will follow. Have a great free day @modernpastor!

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Great addition! Exactly it is like that.
I will enjoy it for sure ;)

I am not that much into Football, but i think your Postings are really good because of your Point of view. :)

Even if the majority of people sees something different, it doesn't mean they are right.

Exactly! This is why i think we need better Media who works together with a big bunch of Scientists who use some kind of Blockchain to discuss things. Im thinking about a mix of Kialo and Steemit. The Conclusion of these Discussions should be written by scientific Journalists who need to prove that they understood before they can publish. This would eliminate many Myths and would make life easier for normal people who have a hard time to find the true informations. Sorry for Off Topic it just came to my mind.

Have a nice day.^^


No need to apologize :)
I appreciate your comment.

What is Kialo exactly? 🤔


Kialo is a Platform to discuss compex things and find out what argument matters most.
I recently found it and i think it is a very good idea.

Here you can explore. This explains it way better. ;)


Thanks for sharing this link :)
Seems to be an interesting​ site.

Great to see your post. I knew you were not slacking but did notice your absence mentally. I was planning on checking your blog and then this popped up in my feed. Have a wonderful day!


Work was calling :)
Thanks for your comment ^^
Wish you also a beautiful day :)


You too :) BTW: Enjoyed reading your post.
Must be strange being covered by the media.


Thanks for telling me that.
For me it is normal as breathing :D

Didn't quite get the parallel between football and steem :)


Don't worry :D

Ignore what others write / tell simply because they want recognition on the back of you and your team! Nothing happened - you have all in your hands next week to enter Champions League! Rock it and even if not you are our hero!


Great comment!💪🏽
I am totally with you :)

Thanks for that :)

He plays a lot of beautiful football, everyone is very happy to see his game. He passed very well, his aunt is my choice

Thank you for your contribution. We will conquer all challenges.

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Happy to see you post again@modernpastor! :) Been very busy with work lately since I am given some additional task but I am still happy and feel blessed and thankful. Wishing you the best of luck on your next game! Take care and God bless! :)♥


Thank you, ​sister :)
Always good when you feel blessed that the best feeling :)
Thanks for your wishes^^

I tipped your team to win Red Star Belgrade, but that didn't occur... I wish you good luck in the return fixture... I know you guys will definitely grab the ticket and move on to the next round... Just like steem that's going to boom soonest🔥

Hello brother, I know what you are talking about ... each person has a different perception according to their preferences, there are people who like a game where there is a lot of action and the difference between scores is from extremes to extremes ... there are those who enjoy a game even if there is a draw, on the contrary for others, that game would be very boring ... we are different people and everyone has their own tastes, and from there the opinion that you have about a situation is born ... So you as a protagonist ... who was in the game, you know better than a spectator, how well you did ... I wish you success on Wednesday in the game. 😊

... My last week has been very hectic ... with the earthquake that was here in my country (Venezuela) on Wednesday, (thank God there were no deaths or serious damage), in the sector where I live, a transformer exploded electricity, and we were without electricity until today, therefore we did not have internet. It is for this reason that I was not published these days, thanks to God and I activated again, so I will start publishing again today. 😉

Happy weekend!

All is not lost yet. There's still 90 minutes to go mate. #Believe