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Hey there fellow Steemians , it feels like ages but i was wrong about this social media and i'm sorry for that.

It's been a while since my last post on steemit so i'm pretty excited to come back and take leap of faith on my writing skills once again!

Today cinematography pampers us with perfectly set battle scenes, which we like to revise and show to friends. Of course, we perceive certain scenes with some irony, for example, when the main character alone cuts down 20 strong guys or dodges bullets. Where else can you turn off the rational perception and enjoy the action like in the movies? It turns out that not all seemingly absurd scenes are unrealistic, moreover, many plots of films about martial arts are not fiction writers. Today i would love to share my research and tell you about what in your opinion, myths are not really a fantasy of the film industry workers.

Let's get into it !

Catching a flying arrow is quite possible

The classic scene in which a warrior cuts an arrow into two parts or even manages to catch it with his bare hands seems nothing more than a fantasy, because the flight speed is about 329 feet per second. You think that it is almost impossible to dodge from an arrow, but there can be no question of catching it. Not for Anthony Kell. He holds the world record as the person who caught the most number of arrows in 2 minutes. If the guy caught 2-3, you could call it an accident, but Anthony managed to catch 33 arrows. Kelly began to get involved in this in 2000, showing off his skills at various fairs and festivals. To catch an arrow, the body needs to move much faster than the eye does, so testing is not easy. Certainly i won't advise you to repeat this trick at home , but that is absolutely insane skills to have😎

Fight against hundreds of enemies

Kumite - a universal type of martial arts, translates as "grappling hands" which was shown in the "BloodSports". Van Damme once again argued that he can fight better than Asians, and we watched the cruelest tournament. Of course, real fights are very different from spectacular cinematic performances, but the kumite is unique in that it has such a test as a fight against 100 rivals.

A fighter must stand up to a hundred, fighting for 2 minutes with each, and he is given only a minute to take a breath, and rivals are constantly new and fresh fighters who try to shake the whole soul out of the brave daredevil. Such a test is designed to take the fighter to a new level, to make steel out of his body and to nurture the spirit of a real warrior, who will not be frightened by any number of enemies. In the whole history of the test passed 14 people who were not afraid, came out and stood up against hundreds. And you are proud of having defeated your cat in an unequal battle.

Knocking down an enemy with any objects

Jackie Chan proved that a spoon, a colander, a sausage stick and a pack of cereal can become a weapon with which you can cut down the enemy. Food generally excels people out of order, especially if it's a footlong subway sandwich. But this is a completely different story. Today there are unique people who can pierce a tin can with Chinese sticks. Imagine what will happen if you decide to run away without paying the bill, and the waiter will be one of these guys. If Anthony Kell is not with you, then your business is bad. Initially, the peasants used as a weapon hoes and other utensils, but not because of their exceptional skills, but only because there was nothing more to fight during the uprising. Hence, the Bujutsu was born, a style that teaches us to master and fight with a normal stick. Useful skill, especially for the forester, do not you think? In addition to jokes, the masters of this martial art can easily fall down, cripple and even kill a person, so do not underestimate the masters of budo.

Drunken Master Style

And again we can not do without Jackie, but it's always nice to talk about this guy, so we will not leave him aside even this time. Jackie Chan somehow played in the movie, which was called "The Drunken Master." As you might guess, he played a man who perfectly mastered this art. "Yes, we have a master in almost every yard," you object, but we will not agree. This art implies that in the state of intoxication, the owner of such a skill fights well, although his movements seem chaotic and awkward at first glance. A person who fights in this style, tries to look as vulnerable and weak as possible, so that the opponent considers him worthless fighter and has lost his vigilance. To dispel the remaining doubts about the authenticity of this style, we will say that he is recognized among the rest of the masters of this martial art.

One-inch punch

This blow you could see in the movie "Kill Bill", where the character of Uma Thurman was buried alive. To get out of confinement, she was forced to break the lid only with blows of the brush, since the free distance was not more than 7 centimeters. Of course, the heroine successfully out. It would seem that this can only be turned into a movie, but still Bruce Lee proved that this is possible to do in life. Bruce Lee created the technique of a one inch (inch - 2.5 cm) impact, as he wanted to prove that our body is a more perfect mechanism than it may seem. Standing opposite the guy, he rested his extended fingers in his chest and struck, clutching his hand into a fist. The strength was so great that she knocked people down. Not everything that does not fit into your head is fiction. These examples illustrate that the human body is capable of much, provided the iron will and pure reason.

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That was pretty much it ! I hope u guys enjoyed this post even tho it's not so informative i just wanted to do first blood after half year break ! I promise to improve my writing skills and come up with some really good and valuable posts in the future! Stay tuned fellow steemians 😇

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