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State of Origin Football is arguably the greatest football Match in Australia.
Two states going head to head in a three match series.
The State of Origin is a Rugby Leauge game played between New South Wales and Queensland.

Some would say its the toughest football game in the world.
There is huge rivalry between the two states and emotions run high.
The game is played with little protective gear and some of the collosions would put most people in hospital.

So tonight in Australia you are either a Queenslandee or a New South Welshman.
I really encourage everyone on STEEMIT to find the game live on the web somewhere or sat tv grab a pizza and watch the game.
Its played at 730pm Australian Eastern Standard Time .
Approx 12hrs from the time of this post.

Below is a shot of Jarryd Hayne who some people from the US may know . He Played American Football in the NFL for the 49ers

It will be a great game.
Dont miss it.

Aussie Aussie Aussie
? ? ?

Fill in the missing below if you know our sporting catch cry

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All my money on Australia :)


Haha this game is played between two states in Australia and has a bigger Audience than an international game when Australia plays another country.
I think Qld will get up only because they play best as an underdog and they are 1 down in the series.
There will be so much tallent on the field tonight.
The players on the field tonight would beat any team in the world.