Run to the Sun Car Show 2018

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Muscle cars. Old school. History.
I'm not a big fan of muscle cars. I like sports cars but I'm not crazy about them either. But I love cars though. My male friends were always surprised I could name almost every car I saw. I don't know what is so amazing about that. Maybe because guys think It's not a female thing. But come on guys lol
4 days ago we went to see "The Run to the Sun Car Show one of the largest in the Southeast, brings thousands of classic cars to Myrtle Beach for weekend- long event. In addition to bringing classic-car enthusiasts from around the country together, the show raises money for the Children's Miracle Network and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society".
It was the 30th edition of that Car Show.

Of course we were late (my life) so most of cars were gone lol but I was able to take a few pictures of those cars were left.

First I saw was Chevrolet Camaro IROC 17CmrltbQIKZq29NXQPSkQ.jpg
Ford Ranchero (I don't really like that type of cars). T04vURQyQRq9UEOZaVOesw.jpg Now one of my favorites. Chevrolet Camaro 350 EibJPj7WQv+7igi+QYBtJA.jpg1gOjRY0+R8CyQsqJ3nyBQw.jpg Chevrolet Camaro SS 396 hIbGFFTjTnOzn+oYq0OuYw.jpg 6tAUC4BMQcmQtCTPVxx3pg.jpg Chevrolet Impala pjQnsHaQQFmA4lUMiQzg3A.jpg Chevrolet Styleline Coupe VbP14aQGS8GUO29+IErolA.jpg
Chevrolet SS Malibu QjtJgP3BRc+En9hu2EyLyg.jpg Ford Mustang LwiqFFyTR6C9xtkDtrphyg.jpg Chevrolet Bel Air 2zdkJ6VHSJ+Dtnm9YOJ7iw.jpg Chevrolet Camaro Z28 G0F3VIMVQaqPktohLpdM%Q.jpg
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 4sAshtwPRVKCZHTDUmnt8w.jpg
Cartoon Car lol (don't know the names)dJOkYqtxQ%at%D1YkIwapQ.jpg
7pMJHC5qRVWj8i+oh77O1g.jpg vRgM6PG2QHu9qB41CGjdFA.jpg
Chevrolet Corvette Convertible (one of my favorites) X4+oAJb9QZmTAMfMtDl6lA.jpg
Another Chevrolet Corvette Stingray xNZ970uyTxex53Zw6IGdJw.jpg
Pontiac GTO NTFLTQWyQ96HG0mAj1aXSA.jpg
teCjMRDBSZ6wxQjg%kBRKw.jpg AYRG4bU3Rn2i3CaTjafKVg.jpg 84eUxlBhQy2NtmNlsM1c7Q.jpg Pontiac Firebird Trans 357TMG9KRPSPPss7v+DYqQ.jpg
I don't know every name of those cars. So if you know write the comment or if you see any mistake please correct me. These cars below I'm not sure about so I will just post pics.
k1zEuWvcSj6uPDc%yAkurw.jpg uiwyrcRcRVi3uQsd1UeWTw.jpg vyN25TtJTjyOy3UMLd%5SA.jpg a9+ya2e%RNyCzJhJhvUuRg.jpg
q0l5%AOjSZuxAoOJzN7sLA.jpg cYsab+aqQ6S+X8S23nQuiw.jpg
FLArC13QRJmaoRo+rAM6kg.jpg 54cUrQFoT%yW%5xSbW+uOA.jpg
And the last one just for fun lol AsCSdRQLQQOUZq5frX6JUQ.jpg



I love the red Impala, beautiful set of cars


This one almost looks like a mercedes gullwing, my favorite of them all too.

Yea and that one was one of my favorites. I saw only one there. It was like a unique car.

That rat rod one with the fallen soldiers paint on it though.

haha yea that was one of those funny cars

lol thanks but i never know if you are serious or just being sarcastic.

Awesome content! I saw just a couple of cars but you amed it possible for me to explore the best ones! thans

those are some beautiful beasts. I love the old cameros especially

these cars r really awesome...if i had money i will buy all these cars

If you want something bad enough you will get get it!

There is no doubt in the fact that old is gold. I am more attracted to older things as they are much special. They are different

Holy s*it! I love those cars!
@linakay Thank You for these picture collection ;)

VeryNice cars...
My favourite car..beautifull clour..
Thanks for sharing this post..

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed that.

That iroc is one of the last cars I need on my list, need to be t-top though lol
this my stunna right here...

942036_10152833991650234_1696418173_n (1).jpg


That's a dope car.


The old black car though
I love that

Which black one you like?

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Wow this is absolutely nice one

Wow thanks for posting these pictures! I am from Canada and can't wait for the snow to melt so I can take out my recently purchased purple Firebird Formula, preferably with T-Tops off :)

Show us the picture :)

Couldn't be more good than this gallery of photos. Yeah i like sports car too . First priority is Gallardo which i always liked. Hope to get one someday

haha you are reaching really high lol Lamborghini Gallardo is nice but not my fav. But hope you will get one!

Hahaha Yes then i'll invite you to ride my lambo😂

lol alright

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