10 basic exercises for any workout

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These classic bodyweight exercises will bring the body without any exercise equipment.

  1. UPS on the step

There is nothing easier, than to rise on one step. But if you do it a few dozen times, then breathing will become frequent, and legs fill with lead.

If pressed for time — complete the maximum number of push-UPS to pump all the muscles in your body. When the exercise is done correctly, it affects not only the arms and chest but also the muscles of the body, abs and legs.

  1. Jumping in the emphasis lying

This exercise not ideal for strength training, but useful as a warm-up. It allows you to warm up and stretch the muscles of the back, body and legs, so do it before the main workout.

  1. Spiderman

Want to have the figure of a superhero? Then include this exercise in your exercise plan! It intensely affects the hands, legs, abs and body. Yes, all at once!

  1. Long jump

Hops are an indispensable exercise for athletes who want to develop explosive power of their muscles. A great way to increase speed, agility and coordination.

  1. Burpee

One of the best integrated exercises of all times and peoples. It replaces a few simple movements. Here you and the pushups, jumps and squats — in short, everything you need at once.

  1. Walking in handstand

This exercise is designed for trained athletes, which is not impressive simple push-UPS. Try to stand in handstand, consistently stepping with your feet on the wall. When well master this movement, you can try vertical pushups.

  1. Pulling

This exercise is one of the few that are used as weights, the whole weight of your body. Maybe that's why people with excess weight it is very difficult. What will be extra incentive to lose weight!

  1. Angle lying

This exercise will require you to have a perfect sense of balance, because to stand in such an uncomfortable position, it turns out, is not easy. But as a result you will eventually get the much desired six-pack abs.

  1. Bridge on one leg

Use this movement in cases where you are haunted by pain in the lower back. It strengthens the muscles of this body part, and as a result, the spine gets more reliable support. If you do a bridge on one leg is too difficult, unable at first to use both.

Source: http://mirfactov.com/10-bazovyih-uprazhneniy/

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