England Kicking For Glory In The World Rugby U20 Championship 2018

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Will Butler, who is in the England U20 team and plays at centre with 15 caps, kicking at practice before his team beat South Africa in the semi-finals at Narbonne 32-31.

I am looking forward to the finals at the Stade de la Mediterranee, Bezier on Saturday 17 June. It couldn't be two better teams playing, England V France, especially with the historic charged rivalry between the two teams.

Obviously even though I live in France I will be supporting England.


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I love this sport Rugby. Brillaint post. This american football is so classy. Yup i think thst england will win it because they have been champions for a long time and the new youth team is just marvellous. Thsnks for the post. Loved it.

Thanks, for your appreciation. I will keep my fingers crossed for an England victory on the 17th.

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