Kickboxing training stories - guess who finally has her own gloves!:)

in #sport6 years ago

Hi, guys!

Today I had another kickboxing training, and now I'm completely sure that my instructor never lets people to go away from her alive. I thought that at the previous time it was kind of single test, but no, she just keeps you making things until you crawl and beg for mercy:) Well, I love such approach. 

Today she also brought personal gloves for me, and damn they're huge and I can't put them in my bag, so I had to fix them on the bag. Probably it looked strange.

Astro was really interested with the smell. New gloves smell really strange, this fake leather:)

A small part of my fight club I managed to photo before the training.

Keep calm, drink tea and go on kickboxing;)

I wish you all the best and will be happy if you'll support me with vote:)

Love, Inber


Nice post. Keep moving. It will help you to remain fit as it is part of exercise.

We wants to keep you happy,...
Congrates for the fake leather gloves 😉... But looks nice...

Thank you:) P.S. I don't wear real leather of fur anyway, so... ;)

although not genuine leather but good and suitable

Hello girl, how glad I am that you are well that way we love you, well that today you had your kickboxing training you have an excellent instructor so it has to be, congratulations for your personalized gloves are beautiful enjoy them @inber

Thank you <3

I have taking a few kick boxing classes and they have absolutely destroyed me! They are some of the hardest workouts I have ever done!

If anyone is reading this and hasn't tried to drop into a class, you totally should! You won't be disappointed! :)

Hello, so we love you happy and with many positive energies, it hurts that your custom fake leather gloves are too big for you that bad, but they are beautiful congratulations @inber

I didn't say they're too big for me, they're just too big for my sport bag:)

training kickboxing good luck and success, I strongly support friends

People who wear glasses..can they do that??

I'm not sure:) I don't wear them any more. I guess it can be dangerous

Hmmm that needs sorting out☺

That’s so cool. I’ve heard from so many of my friends that they’re picking up boxing for fitness. I’m uncoordinated so I couldn’t see myself doing it but I’ll admire those who can do it from afar!

Hello friend ... I think it's great that you return to your training, I only hope that this time it affects you less than the last time, I see that your instructor is very intense, the good part is that you learn fast ... The gloves are great but they look beautiful, although it seems to me that the beautiful Astro looks at them with suspicion hahahaha ... She will be asking to be served since she is the queen of everything.

I always go on with my training till I can:)

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