Kickboxing stories - after third attempt:)

in sport •  11 months ago

Hi, guys!

Today I missed to write my morning post because I had a really busy training schedule. My trainer leaves for competitions this week, so we had to make our training on Monday, not on Friday as usual. But on Monday I also have fly yoga and basic gym visit, so it was a really saturated day:)

I must say that today, on my third training I already felt much more confident, plus we started learning how to use legs in the fight and seems like it's going to be my favorite part. I never had much strength in my arms, but when it comes to legs I feel that I can do at least something:)

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I highly doubt that I'll be able to get out from bed tomorrow in a normal way, it's more likely that I'll have to crawl. And what's even more fun - I'll have to crawl to my psychiatrist. And yep, after visiting her I'll have to crawl again, to zumba fitness party (will be there for the first time, will share my impressions afterwards), and then to fly yoga again. Yep,  busy training schedule again.

So, wish me some luck and some strength to my body!

Have a wonderful week, dear friends!

I wish you all the best and will be happy if you'll support me with vote:)

Love, Inber

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Heh, yes, it's hard to believe that it can hurt to do what you love... But I also know the best how hard can be to train for some competition (fitness and bodybulding in my case)... I'm wishing you all the best and strength to keep it up :))


Thank you! :)

When you're done come beat me up. I'd appreciate a good beating from you.

Morning for me; so it does not seem like you missed your morning post. Good to do what you enjoy to stay in shape. I might do a turn on my brothers rowing machine today, walking is my favourite exercise though.

I hope you get on well with Kickboxing. I used to do Taekwondo when I was a teen. It was so hard for me because I had tight hamstring. It was super painful to stretch. Good luck with it!

yes @inber ... I always pray that you become the best :). I always support you :) ...

Hello girl, how happy I am that today in your third attempt you felt much more secure that is a good sign that if you can you are strong and what I like most about you is your discipline and perseverance that if you can, I wish you much successes cute happy day, @ inber

Wow, you keep an active lifestyle. Awesome!
I tend to gravitate to people (in steemit's case, to posts) who keeps an active lifestyle or who's passionate about movement and Martial Arts. I don't know what your motivation is but I wish you luck on this path of movement and Martial Arts. It's painful, time-consuming, and challenging but it's worth all the ounce of blood, sweat and bruise. lol

P.S. I also found your list of DON'Ts hilarious. Just keeping it real. lol