Swimming After Eating Can Make Drowning?

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DoctorSehat.Com- There are assumptions that are believed by the community where it's good we do not bathe or swim after eating because it can interfere with the digestive tract. In fact, there is a mention that swimming after a meal can make stomach cramps that eventually make us can drown. Is this true?

Health experts say that bathing is a routine activity that is done every day related to the outside of the body. By doing so, the body will become cleaner and more comfortable. Normally, a bath will not have any side effects or complications in the internal organs, including the digestive organs because it is just a function to clean the skin of various dirt, sweat, or sticking.
For the myth that eating before swimming can be dangerous. Health experts say that if we do a variety of physical activities after eating well it is like running or swimming, then the stomach will become uncomfortable. This is caused by a body that is focused on blood flow and energy in the digestive organs after we eat. In fact, if we do exercise, muscles also require blood flow and energy is quite large. For the issues that say that eating before swimming can make stomach cramps, this is actually not appropriate. Provided that we provide enough time intervals between after meals and before swimming, we will not easily experience the stomach cramps.
Health experts advise us not to do these two things after eating, ie direct sleep or smoking. If we go straight to sleep, the risk of stomach acid increases also increases. Meanwhile, if we smoke after eating, then the various content of toxic cigarettes will enter the body that would damage the health.

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