in sport •  2 years ago 

What i saw today between Cro Vs Nig was nothing than intercommunity football match merely would have ended in communa crisis. Apart from Russia opening match, no match would be worse than Nig first leg and no match would be better for Cro than today game.From the genesis of the prediction of nairabet, almost all Nigerians predicted that, they will win the said country. i was asking myself, isthis revelation coming from their Daddies or Mummies in their various churches or that gave them the revelation? So, frankly speaking, the worst team in both countries could have played better thanimages[1].jpg what they did. The game was not an interesting one Nigeria does not score any goal Nigeria has no point funny enough, Cro and Nig are the most weakens among the group. So, is there any hope for the next match?

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