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Rafting sport

Rafting or rafting is a rafting activity from the flow of the river/cascade, using certain rides. The definition of rafting rafting/cascade is a tool consisting of inflatable boats, kayaks, canoes and oars. The purpose of rafting can be seen from the sports, recreation and expedition. So we can define that White Water Rafting is a river rafting sport, using inflatable boats, kayaks, canoes and oars for recreational or expedition purposes.

**Are rafting activities safe?**

Whitewater rafting is an exciting, fun, wild, and fun activity. As in other adventure activities, rafting still has risks and dangers. However, this risk actually adds to the spirit and becomes a stimulant for the activists of this activity, so it is not the reason why people do not like rafting activities. An experienced crew of rafting will try to minimize risks and dangers. Even statistically, you will be safer to follow rafting activities than driving within the city. A government employee in the United States stated in a study, that the number of accidents for rafting activities is still far below football! But of course there is still a risk and you have to take risks while in the river.


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