Football World Cup schedule

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The earth Cup's Duma The 21st edition of the biggest football match in Russia on June 16. The 32-party battle will be held throughout the 12 spectacular stadium in 11 cities. Meanwhile, TIMORE has released a complete plan of 64 matches. Right now let's take a look, according to Bangladesh,

Day and time group match

June 14, Russian federation at 9pm on Thurs, Russia-Saudi Arabia
On Summer 15, at 6pm on Friday, Egypt-Uruguay Akaterinburg
August 15, Friday 9pm N Morocco-Iran St. Petersburg
12-15 June, Friday night 12b Portugal-Spain Portugal-Spain
On 06 16, the 4th of the afternoon France-Australia Kazan
16th of June, Sunday 7th de Argentina - Iceland Moscow
16 06, Saturday night 10 evening Peru-Denmark Saransk
On Summer 16, Saturday night 1D Croatia - Nigeria Kaliningrad
On Saturday 17 06, Sunday 6th E Puerto Rica - Serbia Samara
On Saturday, June 19, 9 pm FIFA-MEXICO Moscow
On Saturday 17 August, 12 noon Brazilian-Switzerland rostov
18th of June, Mon evening 6th Sweden-South Korea neighborhood itself
June 18, Monday 9 pm G Belgium - Panama Sochi
18 June, Monday night time 12 pm Tunisia-England Volgograd
19 June, 6pm on Monday evening in Biskupiec, poland and Senegal
On 06 19, Tuesday 9pm L Colombia-Japan Saransk
On 06 19, Russia-Egypt St. Petersburg in evening of doze
20th June, Wednesday 6pm PT-Morocco Moscow
On 20 June, Wednesday at being unfaithful pm Uruguay-Saudi Arabia Rostov
On June 20, 12pm on Wednesday night Iran-Spain Kazakh
June 21, Thurs 9th C France-Peru Ekaterinburg
21st of June, Thurs night evening 6th Denmark-Australia Samara
On June 21, Thurs night 12th Argentina-Croatia took their own home
22 August, Friday 6pm e-Brazil-Costa Natural St. Petersburg
June twenty two, Friday 9 nights Nigeria - Iceland Volgograd
twenty two June, Friday night twelfth Serbia-Switzerland Kaliningrad
23 06, Saturday 6pm G Belgium-Tunisia Moscow
23 June, Sunday night 9 pm Farrenheit. Germany-Sweden Sochi
June twenty-three, Saturday night 12 Af South Korea-Mexico Rostov
About Sunday, June 24, Weekend 6 pm, England-Panama itself, Novgorod
June 24, Saturday 9 pm H-Japan-Senegal Akaterinburg
June 24, Sunday 12pm Poland-Colombia Kazan
June twenty-five, Monday 8pm Uruguay-Russia Samara
Saudi Arabia-Egypt Volgograd on June 25, Monday 8pm
June 25, Monday evening 12 pm Iran-Portugal Saransk
25 June, 12pm on Monday night Spain and Moroccan Kaliningrad
On August 26, Tuesday 8th C Denmark-France Moscow
June twenty six, Tuesday 8 o'clock C Australia-Peru Sochi
June 21, Tuesday night 12 private message Nigeria - Argentina Saint. Petersburg
On June twenty six, Tuesday night, 12th of July - Croatia-Rostov
Upon June 27, 8pm on Wednesday, South Korea-Germany Kazan
On June 27, 8pm on Wednesday EF Mexico-Sweden Ekaterinburg
June 27, Wed 12th Serbia-Brazil, Moscow
Upon June 27, Wednesday doze night Switzerland - Puerto Rica and Navegorod
twenty-eight June, 8pm on Thursday night, Japan-Poland Volgograd
June twenty eight, Thursday 8pm Senegal-Colombian Samara
June 28, Thursday doze: 00 GMT-Belgium Kaliningrad
Summer 28, Thursday 12: 00 GMT Panama-Tunisia Saransk
Last sixteen

June 30, Sunday 8 o C1-D2 (match-50) Kazan
June 30, Weekend night 12 a1 B2 (match 49) Sochi
In Sunday, July 1, at 8pm B1A (match 51) Moscow
On 1 September, Sunday night 12 D1-C2 (match 52)
July 2, Monday 8pm E-1F (match 53) Samara
July 2, Monday night 12 G1-H2 (match 54) Rostov
In July 3, Tuesday 9th F1-E2 (match 55) E Petersburg
On July 3, Tuesday 12 hours H1-G2 (match 56) Moscow

6th of July, 8pm on Friday night forty-nine winners-match 50 winners (match-57)
On 6 July, doze noon 53 winners - 54 winners (match -58) Kazan on Friday evening
On 7th July, 8pm on Saturday night fityfive winners - 56 champions (match 60) Samara
This summer 7th, Saturday
12 o'clock in the night

Meet 51 Won-match 52 those who win (Match-59) Sochi

15 July, Tuesday night doze matches 57 winners-matches 49 wins (match-61) St. Petersburg
On 11 July, doze noon 59 winners-match 50 winners (match-62) on Friday night
Third Place Meet:

14th of July, 8pm on Saturdays, St. Petersburg


July 15, 9pm on Sunday, Moscow