Golden State Warriors (Hypocrites)

in sport •  5 months ago

This week has been the most NBA I have watched all year. I got a couple of playoff games in, and I realized why I don't watch as much as I did before. Coupled with my home team setting all sorts of loss records, and the NBA not calling traveling, and a ton of grown men crying. I don't need to change more diapers at this point in my life. But this is not hate on the NBA weekend, but I did see a crazy article. The Golden State Warriors might be the biggest hypocrites ever, and I mean EVER EVER EVER. They reported Rondo for a dirty play, by the way which he never even came in contact with Curry.... So what are you telling on him for exactly, being on the court?

The irony is that they have the two dirtiest players on there team, one that tries to hurt players for real in Zaza Pachullia and the other in Draymond Green trying his own birth control, by kicking everyone in the crouch.

O this one is my favorite, Green thinks he is on the soccer field.

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Sounds like the typical American having a strong opinion about something they know very little about.


well, it is pretty commonly know that they are dirty players, I mean one of the guys nicknames is the nutcracker.


You are referring to something that happened 2 years ago. The other "dirty" player you refer to doesn't even play anymore. All that being said, one player on your team doing a "dirty" play in the past doesn't make it ok for other teams to intentionally try to hurt your players. One wrong doesn't make a right.

Although I consider myself a casual fan, the NBA list me long ago. I think it was the moment LeBron showed the world he had more power than even the owners or the league. For him to be able to dictate where he was going to play and then have a televised program to unveil his choice was the line in the sand for me. Not to mention that he also dictated players that the Heat were going to sign. He might be a great player but he is nothing great. Getting a little tired of seeing him in finals at this point and that’s saying something because I love a good dynasty.


Ya, lets have a Lebron show about how I am going to take my Talents to sough Beach..... BLA BLA BLA....

If you read the video article you can see he missed. If he would have succeed curry would have landed on Rondo's foot rolling his already injured ankles putting him out of the series for good.

Yes, he never made contact but that doesnt mean he didn't try to make a dirty play. Injuries are real, and Curry just came back 2 days ago after missing several weeks with a twisted ankle.

And yes, Green and Zazza are both dirty players, but is up to the other team to make complains. Just like any coach will defend a bad call against him but will shut up if its for him.


Ya, but the irony is so funny to me, yes he does make a attempt, but he had to be like.... Ah if I say something..... My guys are the worst.

This is what people do when they dont have real guts to defeat you....

very agree with you has been the best week, among all the things that were seen on court! @bigram13

They are now bringing up tricky and cheating learnt from soccer to NBA