Toni Kroos transfer to trigger Real Madrid move for Neymar

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Rumours are circulating that Real Madrid may be ready to offload Toni Kroos to fund a move for Ex-Barcelona player Neymar.

Toni Kroos could be on his way to Old Trafford as early as this summer. A move for Neymar would take a serious amount of money considering he only moved to PSG recently for £200million. PSG are not the kind of club who need the money so would be content with playing hardball and asking for something in the region of £300 million. Call me crazy but no one thought the £100million mark would be broken then PSG and Neymar smashed it. Real madrid have a history of splashing out on the world's best and making a statement. Despite being an ex-barcelona player, Real would be happy to have someone of Neymar's quality.

Do you think Manchester United will make a move for Kroos? In my opinion he would be the perfect fit alongside Matic and Pogba, allowing Matic to do the dirty work, pogba the attacking play and Kroos will keep the whole thing ticking over with his excellent range of passing.

Where would Neymar fit in alongside Ronaldo?


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Please Please Please Toni Croos To Manchester United 😀😀😍


I would love to see Toni in the red of Manchester too. One of the best passers around


Yes He Is