The competition program of 2019 is here - First stop Hong Kong! @ annadeda

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Hello to All My Friends of Steemit.

Is been a while since the last time I posted here on steemit. I promise you that I haven't been lazy but just very very busy. Lately we had been informed about the program of the Sport's competitions for the year to come 2019. I am very happy to tell you the first competition of this year is the BisFed Boccia World Open 2019, which will be held in Hong Kong, in May 2019. Since it is the year before the Tokyo Paralympic Games 2020, I have bought some new balls from Korea which require so much work and effort because they are new and that's the reason why I have been so busy this last month. In Hong Kong there will be too many countries which are very strong teams but with the help of God we will do our best to put our country Greece on the top again so that our national anthem will be heard again and our flag will be proudly flying on the top of countries

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