[Premier League]: Preview of the last round.

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Hello! So, in the Premier League today is the final round of an outstanding season, it is in this round that the champion will be determined. Also, the fate of the 4th place has not yet been determined, which, under a certain scenario, can leave Tottenham. Otherwise, everything is already known, we already know three teams returning to the Championship, 5-6 places are inaccessible to rivals. But this is England, nothing is impossible here, so now let's look at those matches, the result of which can solve a lot.

And of course these are the two most important matches of the final round. Brighton - Manchester City. Brighton despite the disgusting game in the decisive segment of the championship still could guarantee himself a place in the league for the next season. The defense regularly makes mistakes and scores goals with great difficulty. Decisive matches for the team failed losing to Cardiff, tied with Wolverhampton and losing to Tottenham. Only thanks to Cardiff misfires do the “seagulls” remain in the Premier League. So what can we say about the match in which they do not need anything. The result of this match will largely depend not on the actions of Brighton in the defense, but rather on the actions of the City in the attack. Captain Obvious turned on, but seriously, you need to look at the latest matches of the City. “Citizens” in the last rounds stopped to show effective football, playing more from the result. First of all, in the last matches, the Guardiola team plays against a reliable defense. In the last three matches, goals were only in the second half, when the City increased the pressure on the opponents' goal, and the team no longer scores much.

In general, in the final rounds, when the matches are played at the same time, the results can be completely unpredictable, so it is too risky to make bets before matches. In the live for this match, you can consider a bet Total less than 1.5 in the first half, judging by the last matches, the City is trying to kill an opponent in the second half. Before the match, you can risk a Total less than 3.5 for 1.7.

Another fateful match, which directly envy the result of the above-described opposition. Liverpool - Wolverhampton. Liverpool has done one miracle this week, and Jurgen Klopp, and all Liverpool fans believe that another miracle awaits the team this week. The Reds have the hardest schedule at the finish of the season, a week ago they barely beat Newcastle United, having lost Mo Salah, four days ago gave all their strength in the match with Barcelona and now they are waiting for Wolverhampton, which is famous for its ability to beat the top clubs. But Liverpool plays at home and will do everything to win. Wolverhampton is the premier league’s premier discovery this season, not counting the top 6. The newcomer of the season spent a powerful season, confidently playing both in the cup and in the championship. “Portuguese” Nunu Espíritu Santo are excellent in the defense, and in the attack they realize their moments, which are not created much, but they are treated with care. The team secured the 7th place in the league and can now show that it was deserved.

In this match, it seems to me it is possible to consider a bet Both team score for 1.9. In live, depending on how events will develop, you can consider an individual total host of more than 1.5 / 2.

Who will get the title?

Also a small share of intrigue in this round have two more matches. Burnley - Arsenal.

Arsenal could now be in the Top-4 if he had not lost all his chances in the last four rounds. The team failed matches with Crystal Palace, Wolverhampton and Leicester City. From all these teams, the “Gunners” conceded three goals each and lost. We all know how Arsenal plays away in the Premier League, so you should not hope to win here. Especially in order to get to the 4th place, Arsenal needs to score 4 or more goals and at the same time hope that the “spurs” in the parallel match will miss as many. Arsenal threw all the forces on the Europa League, finding that through this tournament it would be easier to get into the Champions League. Burnley solved the problem for the season and now he can play for his own pleasure and may well take points from the Gunners as they did with Chelsea two rounds ago. Statistics of personal meetings on the side of the "gunners", whether the players want to change the Burnley players is unknown.

In terms of bets, a difficult match, so here you can only put in live depending on the development of events.

Tottenham - Everton. Tottenham in the last round lost to Bournemouth 0-1, conceding in compensated time for the match. In that meeting, two players, Son Heung-Min and Foyth, were removed as part of the “spurs”. But the main match in the history of “spurs” took place on May 8 in Amsterdam. Everton started playing too late and consistently scoring points this season. “Toffee” in the last 7 meetings scored 5 wins with 1 draw and 1 loss, conceding only 2 goals. In the last round, Mark Silva's team defeated Burnley at home 2-0. Thanks to this breakthrough, Everton with 53 points in the asset is in the 8th position in the table. Playing on the road a weak spot, “toffee” in 18 meetings scored 19 points, losing 9 matches. Tottenham has not lost to Everton since December 9, 2012, for 12 matches. The teams tied five times and the Londoners won 7 wins. Of course, all the thoughts of “spurs” are now about the Champions League final, but they obviously will not want to lose at their stadium. Everton in this match does not need anything, they do not rise above eighth place, except that Leicester can move them to 9th place. But it does not matter much.

In this match, you can consider a bet Total less than 3 for 1.7, as well as the probability that Everton will not lose this match.

Let's see what we will be surprised by the final round. Good luck to all!

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