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RE: Splinterlands: It's the end of the current look and the beginning of a new era 🦖

Great post! Thank you. It helped me better understand some new skills and get to know some more cards. I'm still a little lost but studying not to be left behind


Think we both are still a little bit lost with the new ruleset. You already discovered some beautiful cards you wanted to start using? You are already playing way higher than I do😎👍

Oops, I answered you in the other comment, in my post, but I will repeat here so as not to be incongruous:

For now I have invested in the Tortisian Fighter card to put it at level 8 where it acquires Repair ability for the Water deck, but I haven't had many opportunities to use it yet.

The others I have used the most is the Serpentine Spy in the Fire splint, I have won a lot with him, plus Kobold Miner + Even, wreaking havoc on the enemy back lines.

And another I loved was the new Earth sniper: Child of the Forest.

@guchtere, your posts are great, please write more about Splinterlands!

Tortisian Figter at level 8 (don't think I own any card at such high levels 😂) nice upgrade! Already had some time to play with it? (my reply took a few days...)

Serpentine Spy is also a really nice one. Delegated mine to my girlfriend her deck. But that is still only at level 2. For extra health we need to bring it up one more level at least. But the opportunity ability is so great to use, and this Fire one with the right summoner is powerful for not that many mana costs.

Child of the forest I didn't explore yet... is that the one with the snare ability?

Think you did make some decent choices!

Thanks, @guchtere, Yes, Child od the Forest has the Snare ability. The other day I fought a card called Phanton of the Abyss from the Water deck and was impressed with it, placed in the last position, it is almost impossible to hit and still has huge magic damage, I want to maximize one of these :D

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