YODIN ZAKU: The Legand is Out

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Hello Splinterlands Lovers

Yesterday marks the Release of an Legendary Summoner that has been the talk of the town ever since it was unveiled, YODIN ZAKU.


Being seriously charming with a dramatic lore, YODIN ZAKU offers a capability boost like never before and can instill fear even in the hearts of most brave.

Here have a look:

Yodin Zaku_lv1.png

  1. All friendly monsters have +1 ranged attack
  2. All friendly monsters have +1 health
  3. All friendly monster receive blast ability at the start of the battle
Those are some of the most awesome perks that one can expect from a legendary summoner. +1 ranged attack and health perk can be neutralized but the blast ability is a substantial boost and can't be undone.

Is it too much???

With all his charms and perks YODIN ZAKU is indeed very enticing but keeping in mind the gaming dynamics and balance the question arises, Is it too much?

Like I said before, Ranged and Health perks can be countered/neutralized but Blast ability for all the monsters is an attack capacity boost that no other capability can match/counter. Even MIMOSA is no match for Yodin's abilities. It wouldn't be wrong to say that only YODIN can counter YODIN.

But since being a Legendary card, most of the people will never own a YODIN ZAKU. This might create discriminatory classes of SM players(Yodins/Non-yodins). Splinters within splinterlands.

I am sure the SM team and geeks must have done a lot of play-testing before the final release, but some short comings only reveal themselves in realist scenario.

So, a bit of nerfing to YODIN abilities, maintaining his charm of course, will do the trick. e.g. excluding melee attack monsters from blast perk.

Despite of my sarcastic tone, I still love YODIN ZAKU and believe that it will become one of the greatest summoners that the splinterlands have ever seen(just like it was destined to be).


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(Announcement post)


I purchased 100 cards to get 22 HALVING ALCHEMISTS(2 gold included). Lucky me!!!

158817836372645504 2.png


That will be all for today.
Take very good care of yourself and people close to you..
Until next time...


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