Opportunity Ability Review

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Today I m gonna talk about, Opportunity ability. Opportunity ability allows the monster to attack from any position the enemy monster with lowest health. In other words, the Opportunity ability allows a preferential attack of most vulnerable members of enemy line up.

Currently eight monsters in whole of the splinterlands have Opportunity ability. Out of eight, six are untamed, one is reward and one is promo. One more good reason to buy untamed packs. Some Opportunity monsters even have Scavenge and Flying ability, making them a real threat.



Opportunity monsters are best suited in the middle back ranks, where they are prevented from frontal, blast ,sneak and snipe attacks.


The introduction of Opportunity ability greatly changed the dynamics of the game. Since many Opportunity monsters also have Scavenge ability, so killing them early in the battle is prudent. The best defense against Opportunity monsters are the Opportunity monsters. The optimal strategy is to provide enemy Opportunity monsters with fake targets(low health monsters e.g. Furious Chicken), and taking them out early.

Also complementing the low health Opportunity monsters with Protect and Strengthen abilities can give the extra edge.

Enchanted Defender_lv5.png
When it comes to defense against low health opportunity monster ENCHANTED DEFENDER holds a special place. It has lowest health with heavy Shield and Thorns ability, making it a perfect dummy target for low health Opportunity monsters.

An Example of Opportunity Based Attack

Battle Link


For the first time, I am currently closing in Champion-III league and just 26 points shy. So wish me luck.


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This is definitely my favorite ability... right now. 😎