"Back to Basics" Rule: Best Playing Strategy/Adjustments

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Hello Splinterlands Lovers,

Today, I will be talking about Back to Basics game rule. I am going to discuss card selection and placement options, which may significantly improve your chances of being victorious in this format. In the end, I will be sharing a battle as a demo, allowing you see the practical implications.

Back to Basics rule means that all monsters loose all the abilities. The only perks available are those given by summoners.

So, here are few strategies that work best.

1. Lowest/Zero Mana Cards

In low mana battles, use lowest/zero mana cards in front to absorb some of the 1st round attacks.

2. High Health and Shield Cards

Place cards with high health and shield in one down/two down position, so that they can soak up some of the damage, providing your ranged and magic cards enough time to inflict maximum damage.

3. Range and Magic Cards

Use your ranged and magic attack cards in the back allowing them attack opportunity till the very last round.

4. Prefer Magic Over Ranger Attacks

Whenever possible try using magic attack cards instead of ranged attack ones. Magic attack offers several benefits: one, inflicting direct damage(enemy's shield doesn't matter), two, since all abilities are lost so there is no fear of magic reflect and magic and three, magic attack monsters can even face to face when time comes.

5. Summoners

Frankly, the choice of summoner depends upon personal card collection. But still some summoners are more suited for this format. Summoner that offer increased magic and ranged attack, or give enemy health or attack debuff are the best choice.

6. High Mana Battles

In case of high mana battles (e.g. 30+ or 99), try placing the two or three maximum health cards(e,g, PEACEFUL GIANT, MOLTEN OGRE, SHIELDBEARER etc) in front, then place your heavy magic attack cards (e.g. PRISMATIC ENERGY, PHANTOM SOLDIER) and in the end place your fat ranged attack monsters(e.g. ETTIN SPEARMAN, OCTOPIDER etc.).


Watch the above match to see few of the above mentioned thing being implemented by me.


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