Bodyguard for the Lord of Darkness Twisted Jester - Battle weekly challenge

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A new weekly battle challenge has arrived. I think the skills topics are going to take a break. The monsters are back, in this opportunity: Twisted Jester.Ready? Go ...


Twisted Jester

"He is not here for your amusement. The Twisted Jester is the Captain of the personal bodyguard for the Lord of Darkness himself. While most Dark Eternals completely forget everything from their living past, the memory of his family’s slaughter continues to curse and plague him with rage every day."

last week the theme was the splinter of life now is that of death. When I was getting started in the world of splinterlands the death deck was my favorite, because of Twisted Jeter believe it or not. Once I learned how to play I realized the potential of this card. You may wonder why. the answer is easy, it is a very powerful card with low mana cost (4) and definitely if I imagine this character dodging me!

collet battle.gif

As already mentioned, the convenience of this card is its low mana cost. at the initial level it has high status. It has 2 range attack points, 4 health points and 3 speed points. Additionally, the snipe ability is present. without a doubt a card with a lot of potential. It's my victory card in those battles where you can only summon monsters with low mana cost.


Link Of the battle Clic Here

On this specific occasion it is a normal battle. With juust one rules at play, what I like about Twisted Jester is that you can put it in any position that allows range attack. I feel that their health points give confidence for multiple functions, the main one obviously attacking with snipe. Having a good health score can serve as a defense in the rear and if the rule where range attacks can be effective from the first position is in play and applies the monster rule with low cost of hand Twisted Jester is a good option to tank. Fun fact: I played it in the penultimate position because I had run out of time, I was distracted. I was going to use it in the last position. I think the weakness of this character is almost non-existent. but we can't always win. Good luck in your battles using this card ... Til next time


Hey! Wait, I almost forgot. New reward cards have been announced. A set of 13 new cards that will soon be circulating in Splinterlands. Come on, take a look at the following links for more details.


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