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I would like to think that Cinderella had one of these dwarfs ... Hello Summoner, a new week is running. We are still in quarantine, but things start to normal slowly. So we're still at home ... The theme of the Battle Weekly Challenge is Blast.


Like any other game, Splinterlands harbors many abilities in all its creatures, Blast is one of them.

Blast: Does additional damage to Monsters adjacent to the target Monster.

Lately we have been getting to know each one in depth. It's hard to have a favorite, Blast is not my favorite. But I think it is the most useful of all, especially when it comes to quickly destroying the adversary. It is all a matter of making wise decisions ... like this example you will see.


Link of The Battle

EXPLODING DWARF Sure he's blasty, but is he worth it?


The aptly named Exploding Dwarves are newcomers to the Splinterlands. No one knows from whence they came; the Dwarves simply emerged from the Molten Mountain caverns a decade ago, quickly reproducing and settling across the Burning Lands. It is best to keep distance from them (especially when they are exploding).


This dwarf is worth it. Yes, we know that it is weak in health points, in attack and speed it has 3 points in level 1. But had you ever thought of using it before when Equalizer is in play? let me tell you this is for me the most useful way to take advantage of the dwarf's explosions. For those who are not yet familiar with the Equalizer rule it is to grant equal health points to all monsters. based on the highest health of a monster in the field. The dwarf does not have much life, it is not very useful as a tank. but in combination with that rule it is a weapon that is definitely going to blast everyone.

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In this battle the other rule allows only melee monsters to be used. It may not be the best time to play with the explosive dwarf. But since equalizer was at play, it was different. Use the Dragon Hero to increase its damage, apart from that I played with monsters that could attack from their positions and those that were not attacking fulfilled another function. As Molten Ogre is, I put it into play because it has 12 health points and with the ability to reduce the enemy's melee attack by 1 point.


The enemy used the red hero that increases the melee attack just like my dragon hero. We both used the Molten Ogre ability so both heroes were neutralized. However the enemy made a mistake, only 2 of its monsters are the ones that can attack. instead of my monsters 3 attack, 2 direct the damage to the enemy tank and the third having the opportunity ability will attack the weakest enemy. My monsters only attack the tank, by eden the opportunity directs the damage to it, while the enemy focuses one of its attacks on my rear, but I was covered with the Flame monkey.


Blast ability was the protagonist in my battle. Thanks to her I was able to damage the second monster of the enemy, it is as if 4 monsters attacked in each of my turns. The Exploding Dwarf was useful. There are other creatures in splinterlands with this ability, Yodin Zaku is a hero who grants his allies the Blast ability. Rules of the seas is a legendary card with magic attack, it also has blast. Not only The Exploding Dwarf can Blast the enemy. Use this ability wisely ...


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Great post!
Yes. I'm learning the equalizer is definitely the best for our low-health blasty friends.

Thanks for the sharing the new official Splinterlands Giphy! 🥰@carrieallen