Did You Get The Lorkus Airdrop From Rebellion Conflicts

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Did You Get The Lorkus Airdrop From Rebellion Conflicts

I stayed out of Rebellion Conflicts earlier because I didn't have any Rebellion Cards. I am currently in the Champion League. It is somewhat costly to get Cards to near Max Level where they are useful to me. Since participating in Baron's Bounty Promo I have two Rebellion Cards that can be used on a Wagon.

Lorkus Airdrop Results

I don't have any plans to invest more into Rebellion at the moment. I am comfortable playing Wild with the Collection I have. Unless I win an Airdrop Card, these numbers are not likely to change. I did not have enough chances to guarantee a Card. The results were as following

Card Prices

Those who did not get these from Airdrops have to buy them from market. The prices have dropped significantly for some of the older Cards. If @splinterlands manage to do a good job getting back players, these would be some of the cheaper prices for these Cards.

  • I Got A Regular Foil Card.

  • I Got A Gold Foil Card.

  • I Got Multiple Regular Foil Cards.

  • I Got Gold Regular Foil Cards.

  • I Didn't Get Any Cards.

  • I Didn't Participate In Conflicts.

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