Travelgirl's Splinterland Deck - Time For An Upgrade!

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Hi Everyone,

I have been playing Splinterlands for so long that I have pretty much got too comfortable with the cards I have. I love the old alpha cards and I'm sure many of you who have been following me on my Splinterland journey know of this and have only added a few new cards to my deck here and there. The last few cards I added from the untamed series were Dragon Jumper & Khmer princess which I love to use often.

So now it is time to source out some new ones to add to my collection. I have two in mind and if anyone who has better recommendations can let me know. I am trying to add ones that don't require high mana so I can use it often and ideally affordable so I can slowly upgrade them as time goes by. The first card I have in mind is The Vigilator. I have been beaten by some players in particular by the end of the season by using this card. What I love about it and why I lost it is the double attack. It's lethal. The only downside is a 9 mana card which is less attractive in that sense.

Screen Shot 20200524 at 12.53.34 am.png

The other one that I have my eyes on is Gloridax Magus. Not only it has one of my favourite blasts, but it also has knockout if I upgrade it to level 2. The best part is the price is acceptable and has 6 mana which I could use regularly. It is a hard choice between the two has it has its pros and cons. What do you think? Give me your thoughts.

Screen Shot 20200524 at 12.54.07 am.png


animation by @catwomanteresa

Travelgirl pic.jpeg

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This two cards are usefull but not low mana cards.
If you play the earth splinter (otherwise you cannot use the Khmer Princess) and search for a low mana card in my opinion would be the Failed Summoner a good choice. For 2 Mana: 9 Life + Strenghen (so in the 10 Life) + Magic Reflect + Demoralisize this is a perfect card for 2nd position behind the tank and if you use the Khmer Princess you can even heal him with Triage.

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