Splinterlands Battle

in #splinterlands5 months ago

I normally don't post my splinterlands battles, but this one was really entertaining

Link to the battle

The rules of the game were noxious fumes

And this was the setup:


Who do you think won?

I realized my opponent was playing for survival. He/She stacked up on cards with high HP and played "Almo Cambio" which had immunity - so it wouldn't be affected by the poison. I got a bit worried, but I had played a smart card as well: the "silvershiled bard" who has the ability to remove negative status effects. But I wanted this effect on my "Shieldbearer" and I soon realized that my "furious chicken" wouldn't get killed as it normally does...


So with the poison each round I quickly realized that the FURIOUS CHICKEN might be actually going to win this battle! My enemy didn't have any attacking monsters, and my chicken had 1 attack and wasn't affected by poison! :)) But...



What a roller coaster ride...

As the "Almo Cambio" had a swiftness of 4 my chicken missed most of its attacks... and then fatigue set in with Almo still having 3 HP >(((

So... I lost! :D


This was the most entertaining battle I had since playing the game. So it was still cool :)

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