Splinterlands: Anytime Tournaments plus 300 DEC Daily Giveaway #301(NO UP-VOTE, RE-STEEM, or FOLLOW required)

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It feels so good to give and thank you for the many kind words yesterday, that felt good too. Yesterday I was suppose to include an explanation on the anytime tournaments yesterday but I got caught up in the giveaway so sorry for that, better late than never I guess. It is time to announce some winners so lets get this party started. All winners have already been set there prizes.

Winner of the Epic SPIRIT SHAMAN Card

@marianaemilia Congrats, may it serve you well, She puts out great stuff so give her a follow if you are haven't already.

Winner of the Booster Pack

@stefano.massari Congrats, please post a screen shot if you get something good.

Winners of the 300 DEC


Runner up winners of 50 DEC

@mawit07 Nice pun 'Epic!'lolz
@cornavirus I like the way you think., 'Wow 300 times is a lot. Are there going to be special prizes at the 365 mark?'.

Todays Giveaway

Comment if you feel the new anytime tournament will help become more active in tournament play(I think so)

Splinterlands Anytime Tournaments Explained

Lets break this down to the basics, the total number of players will be put into groups to face each other only. This means you can submit your team for every match right away or over the allowed time set by the tournament creator. The tournament will end when either the tournament timer ends or everyone submits their teams. The tournament winners will be based on a point system. Three points per win and 1 point for a draw. This means every player in the tournament will play the same amount of matches and the only thing that matters is your final score. If two or more players have the same score if the two player had a mach the winner of that match takes the tie breaker. These are the basics, here is a in dept 10 minute read from @Splinterlands. https://peakd.com/splinterlands/@splinterlands/announcing-anytime-tournaments

That is all for today, I will see you tomorrow my friends.


I think they should come up with a tournament scheme that would be categorized based on their highest battle rating achievement. By this, we can surely have put a good match between the same battle capacity. As I can see right now some matches are been unbalanced since there are old players who still looking for some chunks of rewards on novice and bronze category tournaments. Giving no chance for pure novice or bronze rating splinter players to have just a small rewards on those tournaments.

I think that is definitely a yes so far.

Yes it will. At least for me since some of the tournaments are at past midnight for me. This stops me from joining some tournaments. Also, tournaments usually take too long due to bots so this will remove that factor.

I'm hoping so 🤞


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the time difference will make it more convenient, i dont see any negative aspect to not like it

Multiple offerings of participating in tournaments will help a lot of players. Time restrictions is always difficult but with flexibility I think this will lead to more players joining and playing the game.

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