Splinterlands: 300 DEC Daily Giveaway #302(NO UP-VOTE, RE-STEEM, or FOLLOW required)

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It sure seem like a lot of you are looking forward to the anytime tournaments. I like the fact you can submit all battles and just walk away. I will partake when I have free time for sure. There have been a lot of new changes announced and I will post them on tomorrows giveaway. Node stability has been bad so I apologize if you are seeing a double post or no post at all, it is not on my end. Lets get to the winners already.

Yesterdays 250 DEC Winner

@splinterlands-ru Congrats and go give him a follow as he is always working hard and is very active.

Runner Up Winner of 50 DEC

@comule for her reply that also sums up my feelings
'the time difference will make it more convenient, I don't see any negative aspect to not like it'.

today's Giveaway

Comment a food you love the smell of(garlic bread).

That is all for today, stay safe and I will see you tomorrow.


Burgers and fries (if the oil is fresh)

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!

Braai - what we call barbeque in South Africa

Baking cake dough

Thank you for kind words & prize)

chocolate chip cookies!!

simply - roast lamb


/...or do you mean food that needs to be cooked?

eggs with bacon

Pepperoni and Anchovies pizza 🍕

!trdo 🤞

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