Splinterlands: 300 DEC Daily Giveaway#298(NO UP-VOTE, RE-STEEM, FOLLOW required)

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Lets get this party started ,shall we. We are just two days away from giveaway 300 and you know what that means, another reason to giveaway more stuff. Make sure to stop by on my 300th giveaway for your chance to win one of three 300 DEC giveaways, a booster pack, and more!

Yesterdays Daily double winner of 600 DEC

@cuko, congrats my friend 600 DEC already sent. Go follow her if you are not already doing so, she is great

Yesterdays Daily Double Runner-up of 100 DEC

@comule, Thanks for the positive feed back, its nice to know some people actually read my post. DEC sent!

Today's Give Away

Comment your thoughts on some kind of PvE mode. (I would like a boss mode).

That is all for today. Tomorrow I will write up an anytime tournament summery going over the basics along with my thoughts. Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow.


What is a boss mode?

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We technically already have a PvE system since there are so many bots 😅. A boss system would be nice though.

Thanks for the 600 DEC! I think a dungeon PVE mode would be fun! 💚

I have wanted a PvE mode since the beginning, perhaps rewards could be much lower than PvP.

A wave mode with enemy decks growing stronger

The more ways to play the more people willing to play as there are more choices.

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