300 DEC Daily Giveaway #307(NO UP-VOTE, RE-STEEM, or FOLLOW required)

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I hope everyone is doing well today. Yesterday your comments were heard and most of you wanted to use the earnings from yesterdays post for a booster-pack. I think we had enough liquid seem/hive until a group of ass holes Down voted my Steem post to earn nothing. They did this to all of my post for the entire week, cock suckers. It looks like a Chinese group that post a lot and their post is all about curation and they up vote each other. One account was posting a few times a day with $20-50 a post. Any ways I will not let them get to me, it just sucks because I thought it was a cool idea to give back to you all. Some enjoy shitting in the soup just so others can not enjoy it.

Yesterday's winner of 250 DEC

@dexy50 congrats my friend, DEC already sent. Go give a follow and some love.

Yesterday's runner-up winner of 50 DEC

@stefano.massari for ignoring the comment reqirment but still posting positive vibes.'I love Splinterlands'

Today's Giveaway

Comment what you do to make your self feel better(Eat lolz)

That is all for today,I will see you beautiful people tomorrow.


Play video games

play dota win some games then play sm to feel goooooooooooood

Masterbaiter, I like to fish.

!trdo 🤞

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I soak in my hot tub.

Participate and win giveaways 🤣

I don't go out to beg for money. No matter how poor I am I find a way to make ends meet.

谢谢 @threejay 小朋友!

我已经收到你的 50 DEC, 虽然不值 1 STEEM。但让我感谢你的,不是DEC的价值,而是你敢于在提到我的时候,至少敢用 @ !
《The Tragic Story of @huaren.news plus 300 DEC Daily Giveaway #308》

虽然我知道,你已经被我吓到语无伦次,虽然我也开始同情你,但仍然不足以让我停止对你的“downvote back”。

是的,我这个叫 “downvote back”,不叫“downvote”!因为是你先对我的“downvote”,才会有我对你的“downvote back”。这很公平!

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@wonderwop earned : 0.0012555 TRDO curation

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