Ottermaker bot has moved over 100000 DEC in two days

in splinterlands •  3 months ago  (edited)

I woke up this morning to find that while I was sleeping my bot that buys cards for more DEC than burning them crossed the six-figure threshold - at the moment it has paid 134456 DEC for users' unwanted cards. Adding multiple bcx yesterday certainly helped, as I've seen some large orders come in since then. There's almost 250,000 in the bot's balance now - it's currently the #6 third-party holder of DEC on Steem-Engine and I'd like to get it to #1, so send it some more cards!

All you have to do is gift cards to @ottermaker and it will send you 101% of the DEC value of burning them. It takes all regular foil cards, and level 1 gold foil commons and rares from the Reward edition. (Note that it will pay bcx value on max and supermax cards, so burning those is still better.)

I have another 200k I intend to add once I decide I'm done playing for the season, and I'm hoping the bot will have a big day on Friday when season rewards come out and people have a lot of reward cards they want to burn.

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Very cool bot you made.

With this bot you may become the person with the most common cards playing SM/SL.