Dumb 2020/Splinterlands jokes

in #splinterlandslast year (edited)

Q: How can you tell the Splinterlands team didn't create the coronavirus?
A: You don't have to pay ten dollars to get it.

Q: Why didn't Splinterlands put out a statement on the death of George Floyd?
A: It's on the roadmap and they're going to release it in a timely fashion.

My comedic inspiration

Q: Who does Splinterlands support in the US Presidential election?
A: Blocktrades hasn't told them yet.

Q: What's Splinterlands' attitude toward the riots?
A: Confusion that they aren't being done with a botnet.

Q: Why doesn't Aggroed wear a mask?
A: Droplets are his most effective marketing method.

Q: Will Splinterlands try to hire more people of color?
A: I don't need to write a second half for this joke.

Feel free to add your own in the comments.


Q: Is Splinterlands decentralized as they advertised?

A: They print all the cards themselves, arbitrarily pick and choose what wallet to remove and place cards on in their database, they modify the card stats after selling them to you, you have to pay them $10, you have to submit your tournament teams to their off-chain game server to play, you are required to play on their website to be eligible for airdrops, they change the rules to whatever they want... BUT you can make a post on what-ever-block-chain-of-the-moment-is they choose, so YES! 🤣

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