SteemMonsters Event Come Lets Join The Battle

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Welcome To The Splinterlands Event:

All Players are allowed to play in the event and do not waste the time lets join the battle before the time runs and win a chance to get 50 Steems and 1000 Dec So hurry and join the battle for Now.

Today i have arrange the very first event of my life on the steemmonsters site.

Brief details Of the Event:

  • Timing : 11:00 Pm Pakistan Time on 28 August 2019.
  • Mini Entries are 50.
  • Max player allowed are 500.
  • Bronze League.
  • Cards Playable = ALL
  • Single Elimination.

Round Details:

  • Default: Best 2 Of 3

  • Qualifier : Best 2 Of 3

  • Final Round: Best 2 Of 3

Reward Detail:


Steem Monsters Contact Info:

SteemMonsters Account

Official Website


Note: All pictures used in my post and little information about game is taked From steemmoster's official website & @steemmonsters blogs.

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Well i think , this is just a greedy reward set up . You set minimum 50 people to join and 5 steem entry fee ???? lol so it's total 250 Steem entry fee and reward 50 steem and 1000 DEC . Man if you really want to host a tournament then do a decent one , not like this .

totally agreee with you @zaku-spt

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Yes but i did not found any way to delete the event or to edit it , As i see the splinterlands events and there rewards distribution i put all only on the first and second , , But the upcoming events will be nice i am sorry for that :)

Only 1st and 2nd place rewarded?

yes this is my first time to set an event was not sure what to do in the next i will get to a very proper set rewards .