Splinterlands Event On 2nd September And Take Part To Win Exclusive Rewards!

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Welcome To The Splinterlands Event # 3 By @taifkhan:

Here is the New Event for the slinterland lovers i have got an exclusive offer for those who are small users so we have made an entry fees very small for the small users who are also interested to take part in the battle.

Why Missing A Change To Win Lots Of DEC Just By Spending 100 DEC only!

You can just join the event by the entry fees of just 100 DEC and the prizes are exclusive Do not miss the chance to take part in the event Until 11:00 pm 2ND September 2019 Pakistan time!


All players are Allowed to participate in the event and the limit of reward are not limited to the top three and the winner will have to be selected the top 30 players who take part in the battle of the splinterland events and take a chance to win Free DEC.

Today i have arrange the very first event of my life on the steemmonsters site.

Brief Details Of the Event:

  • Timing : 11:00 Pm Pakistan Time on 2nd September 2019.
  • Mini Entries are 50 which is the requirement .
  • Max player allowed are unlimited.
  • Bronze League.
  • Cards Playable = ALL
  • Single Elimination.

Round Details:

  • Default: Best 2 Of 3

  • Qualifier : Best 1 Of 1

  • Final Round: Best 2 Of 3.

Reward Detail:

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Winner NoReward In DEC
4 to 15200
16 to 30100


click here to visit the tournament page



Steem Monsters Contact Info:

SteemMonsters Account

Official Website


Note: All pictures used in my post and little information about game is taked From steemmoster's official website & @steemmonsters blogs.

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