Splinterlands Unboxing - A Family Event

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I was super excited to receive a box in the mail from Splinterlands. It meant that my physical Kickstarter rewards had come in. I have become so accustomed to receiving digital rewards that I forgot the excitement of holding a physical reward.

Check out this video. #Splinterlands has become a family event!

Physical Products included:

  • Splinterlands Encyclopedia
  • Complete set of physical Splinterlands cards
  • Physical promo card for a FREE Splinterlands account
  • Splinterlands T-shirt
  • Lots of great stickers (my kiddos favorite)

Never had a complete set of maxed-out cards - Until Now!


The stickers were the kiddos favorite



Digital Rewards Included:

Chain Golem - Level 4

A big thanks to Splinterlands for creating a fun game that not only maintains value but grows in value. Keep up the good work!


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