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We received a lot of feedback from the recent development update post and we have spent a lot of time discussing the concerns that were brought to our attention among ourselves and with some members of the community.

It's really fantastic to have such a passionate playerbase for the game and we hope that you will continue to provide suggestions and ideas and work with us to improve and grow the product.

Reduced Quest Rewards

The majority of the feedback and discussion was around the announced reduction to quest rewards. Based on this, there will be no change to quest rewards at this time while we continue to discuss and work with the community to find a better solution to the current issues.

The two sides of this issue that need to be balanced are (1) it cannot be overly profitable to farm rewards with minimal investment and (2) it should be possible for players to grow their collections at a reasonable rate through game play.

We are working on a proposed solution that we think can simultaneously address both sides of the issue and we will share it with the community when it is more fleshed out. So please stay tuned for that!

Tron Token Starter Packs

We wanted to quickly clarify that starter packs redeemed via Tron START tokens given out through the SeedGerminator crowdfunding campaign will still give out real, tradeable/combinable versions of the 30 starter set cards. Thank you to the players who brought this to our attention.

Reward Card Name Change

It was brought to our attention that the name of one of the new reward cards may be considered blasphemous to players of certain religions. As that was obviously not our intention at all, we will be renaming the card to "Fallen Specter".

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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greetings, @steemmonsters

when we will receivbe this new cards???

thank you

Good to see there's interaction with the community and that you're willing to reconsider. Thanks for that, Matt

Cool.. I need to find a way to claim the starter pack soon..LOL.. I forgot how to access my tronwallet since the app keep stopped by unforced errors

While you're at it, maybe you could rename this one too ...

I think you mean 'not Link'..

Right, neither.

or this one...not sailor moon.jpg

Wow, this is a great thing! Thanks for keeping your ears open and working together with the SM community to make this the best game ever!!!

I like blasphemy, what's next? rename satan?

Bien dicho!

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I am curious about this, what was the card named before people started complaining, do you know?



You’ve always been open to feedback from the community. Thanks for listening. I do hope the team finds a right balance.

I thought every religion has some version of an unholy spirit of an evil spirit/God... Are sure that you guys weren't being trolled?

Well done, We hope the solution will be ready soon.

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It's good to see the voices of the player are being listened to - thanks for the great game.

Great to see you are reacting to and working with the community while also thinking about long term economics! I think your (1) / (2) comparison hits the nail on the head. Hope you guys will find a way to balance this out!

This update is strongly renewing my faith in the game's future.

Interesting what price will have this card? 🤔

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Listening to feedback from the players community AND actually doing something about it is yet another reason why this game will succeed BIG TIME!! Great job guys!

I for one am not surprised. Yous have always taken in and considered the opinion of your players and investors. Its one of the main reasons I stay invested in the game.

Great Job !

Splinterlands is awesome and I love playing it! :-)
Prince Rennyn 713px, 10fps.gif

Remove abilities from starter cards at level 1 and remove summoner level 1 support for epic and legendary.

Now 'Fallen Specter' Fucks with MY religion!!! This is UNHOLY!!!

Thank you for info! Good update!