Update on New Reward Cards

As most of you know, four of the Reward edition cards are nearing their print limit, and we have announced four new cards that will be taking their place. We have noticed that a number of players are waiting to claim their season rewards from this past season, and even earlier seasons, in order to be able to get more of these new cards once they are released.

In order to provide a fair chance for all players to get the new cards, the new cards will be released at the end of the current season, which will be on Monday, September 30th, at 14:00 UTC time. All four cards will be released and available to earn as quest/season/mystery rewards at this time, regardless of whether or not the cards they are replacing have reached their print limit.

Additionally, only rewards from this current season and seasons going forward will be eligible to receive the four new reward cards. This means that if you saved your rewards from the last season or other past seasons you will only receive the cards that were available during that season as rewards, even if you claim them after the new cards are released.

New Cards

For those of you who missed the original announcement post, the following four cards will be hitting their print limit in the very near future and will no longer be printed going forward after that:

  1. Flame Imp (rare)
  2. Hobgoblin (rare)
  3. Mushroom Seer (rare)
  4. Lord Arianthus (legendary)

They will be replaced by the following four new cards of the same rarities at the date/time specified above:

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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I wasn't aware it was possible to hold over rewards for more than one season. This seems like it leaves open a bit of an exploit of its own, though - you could for instance wait until all the other original epics have expired and guarantee that all epics in your season rewards from now until new ones are released would be Manticore.

This is probably not a big deal unless there's something coming that's as dominant as Arianthus, but there will be opportunities to guarantee large chances at each new release card if one wanted to wait long enough.


Yes, I think at some point we will change it so that if you don't claim your rewards before the end of the following season you will lose them, but it's not a high priority yet and we'll be sure to give everyone ample warning before any such changes would go into effect.

Boom! I can’t wait for the new cards to come out 😎

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Go Easy on me if we meet on the Battlefield Charles @stackin

My bad, i needed the win hahaha

Thanks for clarifying. It'll be fascinating to see how the price of those discontinued cards fares in the coming weeks. I'm also interested to see how the gold/regular price ratio shakes out on the Furious Chicken.
Considering how often he'll be played, that 10% DEC bonus is going to make the gold foil very popular.

It's a little weird how several levels of the Chicken (Levels 2, 4, and 6) have no benefit compared to the prior level. I guess with a 0 mana monster with low stats, there isn't as much wiggle room though in theory they could have increasing speed at those levels which then goes back down on the odd levels.

In any case, this level arrangement does mean there will be a higher supply of Chickens than expected since if you are targeting a particular league level, there is no reason for you to spend extra copies to level it up to Levels 2, 4, or 6.

Certainly an interesting dynamic. Strategically I can see playing him upfront being dangerous, considering Exploding Dwarf blasts and tramples.

Im way better than everyone at steemmonsters

That's gonna be interesting, especially what will happen with the chicken, almost everybody will pick the chicken if there is a free spot

👍😎 Thanks for the update @steemmonsters ! I cant wait for the end of season now to see if Im lucky enough to get some of these awesome new cards, I especially would love the Naga Windmaster and The Fallen Specter In Gold to go with my Teams! of course that sacrificial Chicken would be cool to own as well,Lol! 👍😎❤ Upped 💯 and resteemed to help spread the word!

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Love it!! I am excited to see these new cards in action!!
aasplinterlands (640px, 12fps).gif

Very cool I can’t wait to get my hands on these new cards and start leveling up those bad boys

Whaaat?? What a bummer. I have been keeping on those numbers for days, lol.
But ... I understand the reasoning behind the decision, even thoug it kills the excitement I was feeling. Darn it... 10 more days... no fun :0/

Lol love the furious chicken! Sad to see mushroom seer go but thankfully I’ve got it at a decent level.

Me too! That chicken. ..

Nice move with keeping things fair.

I can't wait to get one of those chickens.

I want that chicken!

!giphy chicken

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Haha - Some people always trying to game the system. Boom - ROASTED!!!

@steemmonsters, Awesome team. New cards will bring one more step of newness to this platform. Wishing you more amazing journey ahead. Stay blessed.

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