Splinterlands Telegram & Facebook Update & 10 Beta Packs Contest!

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Telegram & Facebook Update & 10 Beta Packs Contest!

fb-telegram (696px, 10fps).gif
2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgnFeRQinASdBqk5sC (1).png

Hello everyone! What a great time it is to be in Splinterlands! This game is definitely my favorite crypto game ever! The battling is not the only fun thing to do as it is awesome to open up some Beta or Orb packs with my brilliant potions. I have pulled two gold foil Legendary cards the past week using the potions! I love opening up those packs so much more now! I think it is time to have a Telegram contest as last time I had the Facebook one. Many new people joined us in Facebook so hopefully we will have more people join us in Telegram! This time simply bring someone new to Telegram or join yourself if you have not yet as we are close to the 500 members mark! Let's try to get that number past 500! To enter, please leave your comment below that you joined Telegram or who you brought there and you will be eligible for the random draw. There will be 10 random winners picked automatically online who will each win a pack of Beta booster cards! Hopefully you will use a potion to make your chances better of getting a gold foil or legendary card. Winners will be announced on the next post! Good luck to all! A big thanks to @grapthar and @mattclarke for being such awesome Admins in Telegram! It is people like you all that make this such a wonderful community! I will see you all next week with the winners announced!
2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgnFeRQinASdBqk5sC (1).png

Serpentine Soldier (793px, 10fps) (1).gif

Watch me pull a Gold Foil Legendary card here at the 6th minute:

2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgnFeRQinASdBqk5sC (1).png

X26 - Devil (637px, 10fps).gif

Telegram Info:

Screenshot 2019-06-18 12.11.33.jpg

Facebook Group Info:

Screenshot 2019-06-18 12.10.56.jpg

Screenshot 2019-06-18 12.11.07.jpg

Facebook Page Info:

Screenshot 2019-06-18 12.11.24.jpg

136 - Cyclops - Rock Tosser (701px, 5fps).gif

2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgnFeRQinASdBqk5sC (1).png

Official Splinterlands Telegram HERE

Steem Monsters Discord Group HERE

Splinterlands Official Facebook Group HERE

Splinterlands Facebook Page HERE

My IG - Steemmonstergirl HERE

My YouTube Channel HERE

My Twitter HERE

2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgnFeRQinASdBqk5sC (1).png


May the Monsters be with you.
Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep.

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Just joined telegram :)

I just joined the telegram 😋 481 members now

Posted using Partiko iOS

Awesome!! You are in on the contest! Good luck!! :-)

Enchantress of the Night (879px, 15fps).gif

I have already joined Facebook as well as telegram. I participated in late Facebook contest and got booster back for me and my bro @harpreetjanda get a stater kit as well. I got good green cards from booster pack and @clove71 also helps me *by gifting more good green cards☺).
If was a awesome experience and last season I was able to go up to siver1.
Inviting @minimining and @rentmoney
Now I am on mission of accumulating the DEC to buy Gold Potion. If I will then I will wait till I got hand on to the potion and try opening the pack with potions.

I forget to mention that today is my steem anniversary ☺☺

Happy Steem Anniversary!! What a awesome day it is for you!! Thanks so much for joining and spreading the word of Splinterlands!! You are a great part of the community here! You are on the contest list!
Pit Ogre (802px, 23.976fps).gif

I have joined telegram about 3 seasons ago. There I managed to get promo code and started to play. Got to gold league in second sesson! The game is amazing!

Yes, I have seen you before! I will mark you down for the list! Thanks for spreading the word of Splinterlands!

I'm trying , @clove71, do the best I can)

Joined a week ago and have been a total nuisance with my many questions. 🙃🙃 Honestly, it is the best and fastest place to get solutions and learn new things for me.

Posted using Partiko Android

Great! I will add you to the list! :-) You can ask anything you like!

just joined! Still at 483...

Oh cool! You must be Allan there in Telegram! :-) I will add you to the list! Good luck to you! Gold Dragon (841px, 10fps).gif

I have joined it . I am on 484th .

Nice!!! I see you there!! :-) You are entered and good luck!
008 - Cocatrice (726px, 10fps).gif

I'm there at the telegram and facebook

Awesome!! Thanks for joining! Good luck in the contest!


woohoo - i made it to the telegram ;)

Congrats! You are entered and good luck!

I just joined which makes me #488 ☘💕

Posted using Partiko Android

Great!! Thanks for joining you are on the contest list! Good luck to you! :-)
aasplinterlands (640px, 15fps).gif

If it's not too late, I'm here! Just started playing, getting addicted to these dApp games!!

Hello! The beta booster pack contest ended but I will send you and everyone who was here as well for the contest 1 STEEM as a runner up prize so everyone wins!! See you in Telegram!

An old member :) total members 488, look forward to seeing it soon to be 500 :) Congratulations on having the Gold foils, potions didn't work for me though :(

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Hi there!! I have your name on the contest list! Good luck! You are awesome in battles! I need to catch up with you now, LOL!! Keep battling and getting that DEC! Great job!

Clove71 Very Nice GOLD LEGENDARY Pull.......

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Thank you!! I got 2 the past week and a half or so by using my brilliant potions!! I think one just sold as I would not of used those 2 particular ones in gold foil tourneys much. I am keeping my original pull from last summer a SOF Alpha lol- I do use her often in tourneys! If you are join the telegram let me know and I will add you to the contest list here! :-) Have a great Sunday and thanks for being here in the community for so long!

I am in the telegram channel. I have been for a while though. Does that count?

I will add youto the contest list! If you could resteem this post that would be awesome! Spreading the word of Splinterlands! :-)

Done already.

Joined. I'm 489th

Awesome!! Thanks for joining and you are on the contest list now!!
Cerberus (854px, 23.976fps).gif

My name on telegram is Renku Tsnaks
I have been apart of the telegram group for many months now.

I couldn't get anyone new to join it, since I don't have many friends that play steemmonsters, or even have steemit accounts.

But I myself will always be a member of the telegram group !

Hi there! You are good! I got you added to the list, good luck! :-) Thanks for being here in the community!
Mischievous Mermaid (802px, 10fps).gif

@steemmonsters, I've joined the Telegram group and current total number is 491 and definitely it will cross 500 soon. Keep bringing awesome initiatives team.

Can we expect Staking option of DEC in near future?

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi there!! Thanks so much for joining us in Telegram! I am adding your name to the list! Woo-hoo! 491 awesome!! I will ask and find that out for you about skating DEC.

Welcome and thank you so much for your response. I am looking forward to future updates. Stay blessed.

Posted using Partiko Android

Proud member of Telegram Group!

Posted using Partiko Android

Awesome!! I see you there and have you on the list now!! See you in Telegram!! Good luck!

Thank you very much! Keep on rockin'

I have joined earlier.. I hope that counts... at the moment 482 members :)

Sure! I have a list and you are on now on it, LOL! :-) Thanks for being part of the community!!

The @contestkings crew is now on telegram! 493 Members 🚀 #joined

Great! I see you there- you are on the list now- good luck!

I am in Telegram!!!

Posted using Partiko Android

Awesome! Good luck- you are on the list now!

I just joined the telegram 483 members now 🦖

Posted using Partiko iOS

Awesome! You are all set for the contest, good luck!!

Im in the telegram group from the tron sesame seed funding!

Awesome! I see you there! You are entered- good luck!

invite a friend @marino-almonte

Great! I see you there! Thanks! You are now entered in the contest!

I just joined I am member 494

Awesome! I saw you there!! Thanks!! You are enetered! Good luck!

I joined the telegram my username on there is @DaddyBlood

Great!! You are enetered now!! :-)

Ya estoy dentro como Samuel Duran :D

Gracias! I see you there!! Good luck you are entered!

A pleasure to be part of telegram :)

Thanks for joining! I love that cat sticker you put LOL! Good luck you are on the list!

Greetings. I am already in Telegram as member # 499 Yeninsfer Alfaro. Thank you very much.

Great! You are added to the list! Good Luck!

Ya me uní, como rogerarte :D

Awesome!! You are added to the list! Good luck!

Telgram & Facebook 😎

Posted using Partiko Android

Great! Thank you for joining us there! Good luck with the contest you are added to the list!

I just joined the splinterlands group.

It would be great to win the pack of Beta reinforcement cards!

But I'm actually looking for a promotional code to play with, as I can't afford the starter pack right now.

Greetings from Venezuela.

Hello there- yes! That sounds great! Message me in Discord or Telegram or FB about a promo code for a starter set- @clove71

You are on the list , good luck!

Hello, I already joined by telegram (Mariangel or Marisenpai)

Awesome! I think you were #518!! This is great! Good luck! You are entered- right on time!

@Clove71 brought me to Telegram. Signed up, ready to go! Thanks!

Yes sir! You are entered into this and good luck! :-)


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Joined Telegram a few hours ago 🔝

Posted using Partiko Android

Awesome! Thank you! You are now entered! Good luck!

Joined telegram, Instagram, Facebook😃
Send me something please id laxmanmah

Posted using Partiko Android

Cool! I see you there! Thanks so much for being so awesome! You are now entered into the contest right on time! Entries end very soon! Good luck to you!
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