Splinterlands proudly announces a partnership with Blockchain Founders Fund

The Splinterlands team is excited to announce a partnership with Blockchain Founders Fund with the aim to accelerate the growth of the game through bringing new business partnerships, sponsorships, and marketing and promotion to increase the size of the player base.

About The Businesses

Splinterlands is a blockchain-based trading card game built on the Steem blockchain. The game recently started issuing its 3rd edition of cards, known as UNTAMED, after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Over 12 million battles have been played, over $1M in cards have been traded between players on the market, and the overall market cap of the cards is at an all-time-high of around $5M. The team also expects to launch a mobile app for the game in the coming weeks.

Blockchain Founders Fund is an international company that works with blockchain businesses to enable their growth through strategy, marketing and partnerships. Notably, they work with organizations such as the United Nations and INSEAD among many leading blockchain companies.

Blockchain Founders Fund is led by Managing Partner Aly Madhavji. He brings a strong FinTech and blockchain background where he was recently named to the "Blockchain 100" top global leaders by Lattice80. He works with fellow Partner Mansoor Madhavji who brings branding expertise along with growth-hack marketing and a product strategy background.

The Partnership

The Splinterlands team is always looking for ways to grow the userbase of the game and the Blockchain Founders Fund team brings an extensive marketing and data analytics background to help Splinterlands identify potential players and opportunities at a granular level. They also come with a strong network which can help Splinterlands establish partnerships with both blockchain-based and traditional companies that have already aggregated large communities.

General Growth Strategies

There are three general areas that we focus on when it comes to growth of the product:

  1. Marketing and Partnerships
  2. Product Development
  3. Tournament Sponsorship

The Splinterlands team strongly believes in the skill set, pre-existing relationships, history of success, and ability of the Blockchain Founders Fund to help us in each of those areas.

We're looking forward to 2020 being the best year yet for the Splinterlands product and community, and we can't wait to welcome all the new players and partners into the ecosystem.


Sounds like some congrats are in order:

  • Obviously we are all excited to see more new users.
  • Once tournaments become a product viable that is fun for all users (not just a small sub-segment) we look forward to a bigger focus on that as well.


  1. How are they going to help with product development? Will they provide programmers? Fund programmers?
  2. There weren't any specifics on marketing... would always love to know what kind you're planning on and how much?
  3. I'm curious what kind of actual partnership this is.
    We scratch their backs they scratch ours sort of thing?
    They get a bunch of money for a service sort of partnership ... aka splinterlands is a client?
    Or is it a part ownership type partnership?

Thanks Jarvie, we're pretty excited!

  1. They have some data science background. We're hoping to incorporate that more into the game.
  2. They have some pretty amazing relationships out there. They can make introductions that we don't have access to. We'll see where those land. But they also have boots on the ground and strategy at the more granular level. Day one announcement isn't the day that we say "hey everything is worked out now and this is how it's gonna be." This is more planning stages, and we'll share developments as they get inked.
  3. Not sure we're making this public at this point. As things develop more maybe this can get clarified.

thanks for the response... well if you're excited I'm happy.
I don't know what it means... but I'm crossing my fingers it does awesome things for the user base.

Good news!
thanks, for sharing this on PYPT Sarge

@pypt #pypt

This is so cool. I saw it promoted on #PYPT.

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Congratulations! I'm looking really forward to a mobile app, that would really open a huge untapped market for Splinter lands!

Ive already been playing exclusively on my phone for 5 months but yes, an app would be better. It glitches alot

Yes, I always have an open tab on my phone... but lately, the sound keeps turning itself back on. I use a desktop version as well, otherwise it doesn't seem to work well with the screen size.

Congratulations on the initiative, the next step is the world championship! :D

Go Splinterlands Go!!
Archmage Arius (648px, 10fps).gif

Wow, thats really nice art work! 👍

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@steemmonsters and @aggroed, This sounds very effective and Strategic Partnership and waiting to hear more on this team.

Good wishes from my side and definitely we are traveling an exciting journey with Steemmonsters Ecosystem. Stay blessed team.

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Always good to hear about new relationships being developed.

This is great news guys.

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I hope to see the app soon sowillbeable to play again.
Keep doing the great work.

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This is music to my investment ears. Way to go SM team! Keep pushing forward.

This is a good news

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This is fantastic news! What a wonderful Christmas for the company and the Splinterlands Community!

Kudos to everyone involved in the creation of this game. Exciting things are happening! Thank you for all your hard work from all of us in the Spirit Animals Guild.

Look forward to more updates on the Best Blockchain Game ever!

I have selected this post to present on Pimp Your Post Thursday (PYPT) today!

I wish to share the excitement with as many folks as possible!