SEEDGerminator Crowd fund is closing! Last chance to get in this round!

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This is your last chance to get in on this crowd fund with Tron and the SEEDGerminator campaign. Currently around 40% of the hard cap has been filled by 720 people. We're expecting a good push right at the end here as people realize the campaign is ending and they want to be included. There aren't many cross chain projects running. Splinterlands is pleased to be at the vanguard of bridging chains and communities together.

Let's see how many people get involved at the end here!

So far

This campaign so far has already doubled the number of contributors of the Kickstarter campaign from last October and provided enough funding to let us spend money to get up and running, help us interact with not only Tron but other chains that are interested in their own Splinterlands Portal, attract youtubers that want to showcase this game, get some Tron based tournaments up and running, and provide development money to hire our first full time dev (besides Matt).

That's a great start as we spread this game to other platforms and help bring other platforms/communities to Steem.

What are the rest of the proceeds going to?

We have an ambitious road map. The funds will be used to execute on that road map. This team gets a lot done and at a fast clip, but we're setting goals accordingly. It's only possible because of the financial support of the players who purchase packs to keep the game growing. We're doing our best to finish up DEC in May, and have our first shot at guilds and asynchronous play between May and June. We're designing the mobile app, getting some youtube marketing going, working to publish the background lore as a print book and separate website, design a single player campaign, and we're looking to a lands expansion for the game. We have a lot we want to get done, and all of that we're still targeting for 2019!

We're extremely bullish on the power of DEC. DEC stands for Dark Energy Crystals and they're a rewards pool for the Splinterlands! When players are instantly rewarded for every win with a token we think the need and desire to play will go up. Especially when that's combined with some sweet skins and loot that you can through this, but not any other way, it makes us believers this is gonna be nutz and you'll go nutz for them! We'll be giving away the DEC with wins, but our goal is to ensure it has the maximum value possible!

(As per usual timelines are estimations. They aren't guarantees. Stuff comes up, and road maps sometimes have to change on the fly. Also, projects can be larger than we expect at first. Just treat it as a best guess rather than a blood oath that we'll deliver on an exact date.)

STEEMPUNK Skins by Candycal

Hengary Skins

Skins will only be available through DEC purchases so if you want your cards looking fresh and cool on the battle field you're gonna have to melt some opponent faces in the season play. Oh, and of course they'll be limited editions so you'll want to get them while you can!

Nice Props from Binance

As a quick aside it's good to be included on slides by one of the hottest projects in all of crypto. Here's Binance giving a speech and including us in one of their slides. This stuff takes time, and we're growing and spreading.

To Contribute to the SEEDGerminator Campaign

Here's the Tron wallet. In denominations of 500 TRX or SEED send your pledges here: TL3CMAP1Bwg8FzeKWpbaDy3d3VmeuHdUaz

There's also a couple of SEED pools going because the three highest contributors of SEED will get a maxxed set of the rewards cards so consider hopping into the pools so you can to get your shot at a maxxed set!

Discord Link:

Here are the reward cards only available through the SEEDGerminator Campaign:

Deal 1 - 500 TRX

8 Beta booster packs ($16 retail) 5 randomly chosen SEEDGerminator limited edition promo cards

addresses contributing 2,500 TRX or more will receive a bonus of 10% of the promo cards
addresses contributing 5,000 TRX or more will receive a bonus of 25% of the promo cards
addresses contributing 10,000 TRX or more will receive a bonus of 50% of the promo cards

Deal 2 - 500 SEED

12 beta edition packs
100 randomly chosen SEEDGerminator limited edition promo cards

addresses contributing 2,500 SEED or more will receive a bonus of 10% of the promo cards
addresses contributing 5,000 SEED or more will receive a bonus of 25% of the promo cards
addresses contributing 10,000 SEED or more will receive a bonus of 50% of the promo cards



Hi gank,

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the two games. It was known in the Discord and also announced on the Blockchain that @taug played with the @tufkat account while I myself played the much more valuable @tufkat.monsters deck.


At the end of last season it was difficult to find opponents, and I got matched sometimes with taug, and as he was on streak and above tufkat.monsters, I let it go. That was not ok and will not happen in the future.

But please keep in mind that we European players are disadvantaged at the end of every season, because that takes place in the early hours of the morning. Last time it was on a Monday morning, that's just not possible for us to play through at night, and I've slipped down by one winning group every season in the past due to this effect.

Regarding the list of accounts you maintain, just check when @tufkat and @tufkat.monsters have played their last match, it is 8 or 13 days ago. The cards are delegated now to 2 new accounts (endgegner and maybenexttime), where a team of 4 players has access to play with them 24/7. And of course I move reward cards between the accounts, because for the endgegner/tufkat.monsters deck I only collect the gold foil cards, and all others go into maybenexttime/tufkat.


Thank you for responding. I just want there to be a fair atmosphere at the top level of this game, so that it flourishes like it should!

Since you are a Poker Pro, do you know our german speaking Poker Lady here?

I may know her by her online handle, as that is likely how she would know me. Gank is my online name.

Not sure what you're looking for from us here. If a player has multiple accounts and gets matched up with one of their other accounts and purposely has one team win, there's nothing we can really do about that while still remaining a decentralized game.

Ultimately, the solution is to work on bringing more players into the game since that will make it much more unlikely for a player to be matched up with their own account. Obviously bringing more players to the game is one of our top priorities.

That is what I wanted, thank you.

As someone who plays by the rules, knowing what is and is not allowed is all I wanted clarified.

I will adjust accordingly.

Heya, I sent you a message on Discord. Your best bet is probably to DM @yabapmatt there as he is more likely to see it, and you will definitely get a faster response.

I don't have Discord set up and this is something that needs to be addressed publicly, not in the shadows.

As someone who has spent thousands of dollars on this game, I want to know what ALL the rules are, something that remains publicly elusive.

The lack of response from @steemmonsters directly, and some half-ass response by one of the programmers side-accounts, has me wondering really what is going on in those shadows......

It says not funded on the funding site, should I be worried?

If I send 500 TRX to the address given, is that sufficient? Does the sending address have to match the address in my Steem Monsters profile?

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Yes, as long as you hold the private key to the address you send the TRX from it is fine.

Awesome, just purchased two more seed rounds!

how much 500 seed?

ratio changes always, but in the moment 1 SEED is $0.077 at Trontrade, so would be approximately 38.5$ = 500 SEED, but as usual ratio can change in both directions (up and down) very quick.

The Skins are looking great and I'm excited to see DEC coming out soon!


I am looking for the latest updates about the next step after the funding has closed. I'll continue to look if no reply.

Wish Binance at least spelled the games name right :T but just a personal quip

I'm in with 500 TRX !

Hi, @steemmonsters!

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So I should HODL my alpha and beta cards ;) will do!

!bookkeeping steemmonsters

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Hi @moncia90!



  • 20.264 STEEM
  • 0.000 STEEM from Affiliate
  • 0.000 STEEM from tournament prizes
  • 0.546 SBD
  • 0.000 SBD from Affiliate


  • 1.484 STEEM
  • 0.000 STEEM for tournament entry fees
  • 0.000 SBD


  • 18.780 STEEM
  • 0.546 SBD

Those perks definitely got me to contribute. I can't wait to receive my booster packs and cards.

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