Keeping an Eye on Chaos Legion Packs


I have been out of Splinterlands now almost entirely for a little over a year now and I have seen that prices have come down dramatically from the time that I left. There appear to still be 2.236 million packs remaining unopened from Chaos Legion and I was previously holding about 318x and of these packs only to decide to finally open them. Now I'm starting to question whether that was the right decision or not because if I stepped away for say another year I wonder where this number would be. There's no telling what kind of purchasing patterns or even burn events could occur over that time but I'm starting to get curious as to whether the current 48 cent price point per pack is starting to look attractive. I'm certainly starting to keep my eye on this number now as I weigh my option and maybe try to time my entry. There still seems to be plenty of time to ponder this though.

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