Steemit / Tron Announcement

We have heard and understand that many people in the Splinterlands community have concerns about how the recent announcement that Justin Sun and Tron have bought Steemit will affect the game. If you haven't seen the announcement yet, you can find it here:

We want to be very clear that this news will in no way jeopardize the continued operation or development of the Splinterlands product. As far as Splinterlands is concerned, the Steem blockchain is simply a decentralized database that we use to store the game data and manage user accounts and keys.

As a decentralized database, it can continue to run as long as people choose to run the software, and regardless of what Steemit or any other organization chooses to do. In a complete worst-case (and unrealistic) scenario where everyone stops running Steem blockchain nodes, Splinterlands can very easily continue to run its own nodes to keep the chain and the game running for as long as is needed.

That being said, we will be paying close attention to how apps like and others are being migrated to the Tron blockchain and evaluate if a similar migration will make sense for Splinterlands in the future. Our goal is always to grow the game and the value it provides to players as much as possible, and if Justin Sun and Tron are interested in helping and supporting that goal then we will welcome the opportunity to work with them.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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I am with Splinterlands- wherever they are- I am at! I love this game! Splinterlands to the MOON!!!!!!

As a member of the Splinterlands & Tron community I really appreciate this type of response from the team - keeping to its mission and values, but also not closing any doors that may lead to opportunity for all of us. The Tron community is massive, active, and eager to help crypto grow towards mass adoption. And, just like in the STEEM community, there are a lot of great and helpful people in the Tron community as well. I think all who give the Tron community a chance will be pleasantly surprised.

Completely agree..! #Steem and #Tron to the moon..!


I, for one, have no intention of shutting down my node. In an absolute emergency, I just need to work a few more hours.

But unless the data center burns down, I lose my job or I die. I should probably get to work on developing an API.

My only concern is having to change my keys... As long as you accept our keys in Splinterlands then I'm perfectly fine. So please try to keep the steem login and validation keys if you can @yabapmatt :) ...Thanks for the update!!!

Here here my friend. I’m with you on that one.

Nice measured response. There is still a lot unknown and Tron could bring a lot to the table.

Good job with the fast response to ease the concern of those who were concerned.

There can be good from this. Thanks for leaving door open on opportunity and closing it on uncertainty.

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Splinterlands community will not let ruin your creation))

Thanks for this wonderful update..

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