Splinterlands Ethereum Integration is Live!

The Splinterlands team is excited to announce that players can now convert their cards to ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain where they can be bought and sold on NFT marketplace sites such as Open Sea!

We are in touch with the OpenSea team who is excited and open to doing some promotion for the game, and we will likely be holding some contests and promotions to kick-start the use of OpenSea for buying and selling Splinterlands cards in the near future, so please stay tuned for that!

To transfer cards to Ethereum, you select the cards you want on the card details view and choose the "Send" icon (the same one used to transfer the cards to another player). Now there will be an option to choose whether you want to send it to another player, or to the Ethereum blockchain. If you choose "Ethereum", it will ask you to link your Ethereum wallet address to your game account. This will require Metamask or another Web3-enabled browser or extension to be installed and available in your web browser. You can get Metamask for your browser by going to https://metamask.io/.

There is also a new filter option on the collection and card detatil screens to see your cards that are held in your linked Ethereum wallet address. Please note that cards that have been transferred to Ethereum may not be used in the game until they are transferred back!

If you want to send cards from your Ethereum wallet back into the game so that they may be played, you can once again select the card in the card details view and choose the "Send" option which will allow you to transfer them back into the game. Transferring cards from Ethereum into the game requires you to sign and broadcast a transaction to the Ethereum blockchain. This requires you to have some Ether (ETH) tokens in your Ethereum wallet in order to pay the transaction fees (known as gas).

Dark Energy Crystals

In addition to the cards, Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) can now also be converted to an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain as well. This will hopefully allow us to get the token listed on some Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges in the future.

You can transfer DEC tokens between your linked Ethereum wallet and the game the same way as you do for Steem Engine or Tron. Click on your DEC balance at the top of the game, choose "Ethereum Wallet" from the wallet drop down list, and transfer in or out.

Just as with the cards, transferring DEC in to the game from your Ethereum wallet will require broadcasting a transaction to the Ethereum blockchain which will require some Ether (ETH) to be spent for the transaction fees.

Other DEC Updates

With TronWatch Market shutting down, we are working to get Dark Energy Crystals listed on the Tron Trade exchange for those of you who would like to trade DEC against TRX. This is not a done deal yet, but we just wanted to let you know that it's something we're working on and we hope to have an update soon.

Additionally, we are working on implementing the Simple Swap Service API in the game to allow players to seamlessly purchase DEC from the Steem Engine market using a number of different cryptocurrencies. Once this is completed, players will be able to choose from a number of popular cryptocurrencies (instead of just STEEM) in the "Buy DEC" screen that is accessed through the "+" button next to the DEC balance at the top of the game website.

We expect this to be a nice added convenience for players and to add additional liquidity to the STEEM-DEC pair on Steem Engine.

Market Purchases Through PayPal

We are also very excited to report that we're FINALLY able to allow players to purchase cards on the Splinterlands market using PayPal, and are working on implementing that as soon as possible. We know this has been a huge pain point for players and one of the most often requested features, but there are a number of complications that arise from allowing PayPal payments for market purchases which we needed to work through that don't exist when buying products directly from us.

We hope to have further updates on this in the near future and we think this will be a very important step towards making the game more accessible to players who are not familiar with acquiring and trading cryptocurrency.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Great news for ethereum integration, I see this a way to make transactions smoother.

Thanks for the update, I will be trying it out for sure.

I am so happy to be here at this moment and see this monster grow before my astonished eyes, thank you for allowing us to be part of this.

Very excited to see PayPal being enabled in the market

These are great updates, thanks.

I know ETH integration is the headline but I am more excited about being able to make market purchases with paypal. Finally! Crypto is such a pain for us norms not heavily into the crypto world.

The year is promising to be a good one with all the new updates!

💢 amazing

Market Purchases Through PayPal

I think the above is a game changer. Good job guys, keep up the great work!

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Very good friends. Convert cards to erc 721.

Nice jhob

Purchase Throufh PayPal is going to be legit! Will be able to pump so much more money into the game with that and being able to be listed on ETH DEX sweet! Who knows my cards could be worth a whole lot more soon

I'm always surprised at how quickly Splinterlands implements updates. Other projects make a lot of promises and months turn into years. Good job.

The Paypal integration is great! I see this as a good option to convert my FIAT to crypto.

This is very interesting news!

Wow, this are awesome changes. Especially the Paypal thing. i would love to buy cards via paypal!

Very exciting times indeed. Integrating Ethereum blockchain will help bring a huge ethereum customer base into the SM market.
Plus the paypal inclusion is indeed a huge increment.
I am seeing SM reaching the moon very soon.
There is something for everyone, players, hodlers and investors.
Great Job @team :)

I love the cross chain integration. No need to have the Steem is better than Eth conversation when you can just allow them on both chains. Steem will shine because of how inexpensive it is to make transactions.

Splinterlands getting better everyday 😀

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oh shit. The market purchases through paypal is going to be huge.


We are also very excited to report that we're FINALLY able to allow players to purchase cards on the Splinterlands market using PayPal

This one is super cool too :)

Yep, caught my eye too. Exciting times ahead and a great way to bring in some fresh capital.

Great news!! Well, and thanks for the hint on TWM shutting down. Sad story. Steem on!

This sounds like big steps to brighter future for splinterlands. More liquidity coming in for sure. Thanks for the updates.

Nice. I purchased a 500 (+50 charges) "brilliant legendary" plus 500 (+50 charges) "brilliant alchemy" potion combination last week, and it was a nice feeling to be able to use fiat (instead of tapping into crypto) to do the purchase. Didn't realize you can't do that with cards, but now that you have announced this that sounds like a certain step forward.

I am a bit weary of using ETH (Metamask) and having to pay gas fees, so I am just curious to know how this Ethereum integration will benefit the game sheerly in terms of increasing exposure of the game. Can anyone give me a quick, one-to-two sentence explanation of how having the cards on the Ethereum blockchain will expand the reach of the whole game overall? Just curious...

Imagine being a typical Ethereum user and find yourself with splinterland cards in OpenSea, discover the game and realize that you don't need to use metamask (but you can buy the cards in open.sea, initially here I would buy the cards), once you understand how steem works and that the game doesn't require so much gas, it doesn't even exist, it will stay here, that's what I think could happen, the users that prefer Ethereum are too many, and discovering steem could be possible by putting those cards in that great market.

Great. Thanks for explaining that in simple terms. Yes, I would think that this would boost Steem/Splinterlands exposure by making more people on other major blockchains (ex. Ethereum) aware of the cards, the game, and the unique benefits of the Steem blockchain itself. In fact, I recently got an airdrop of cards from another card game (using OpenSea) and saw that I had to pay the "gas money", which was actually like ~ $0.50 USD. I should even have to pay ANYTHING for a GIFT pack of cards. So that showed me very clearly the downside of the gas fee, and the upside of the zero fee for Steem.

The problem with gas is that it increases as a function of the transactions of the entire network, there are moments that it collapses, and it is not fun, the fee becomes exaggeratedly expensive, you simply wait for the blowout to pass and sometimes it lasts 1 week or more, it is the longest I have seen, sometimes just 2 days.

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The Paypal thing is HUGE. Cards values about to go UP!

SM is getting bigger and bigger :)

Eth wallet input transaction not working. When I enter my eth adress i hit the save button but nothibgs happens.
Some help pls

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