Register now for the first Exchange Tournaments!

The first two tournaments sponsored by the Exchange have been set up for this weekend, each with $100 in BCH prizes up for grabs!

In order to enter, you must link a BCH wallet address to your account in the game. If you do not have a BCH wallet address, you can sign up and get one at the Exchange website!

Here are direct links to the first two tournaments on the Splinterlands website:

Summoner's Spellbook Promo Code Twitter Contest

Need a Summoner's Spellbook (previously called the Starter Set) to unlock in-game rewards and tournament access? The Exchange is running a contest where 10 luckly players will win a promo code for a free Summoner's Spellbook!

You can check out their tweet here for more details:

More to Come!

These tournaments are only the first two out of 8 total that will be run and sponsored by the Exchange, with a total of $1000 in BCH prizes, so stay tuned and start beefing up your collections to pick up some valuable prizes!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Nice to see @splinterlands here on Hive! Yes, this is the way to go!

Its a ghost town here HIVE is buzzing.

2FA being required to create an account on really sucks.
It should be a users choice if we want to use 2FA.

Just don't use

I may have to do that .....

But, I planned on playing the sponsored games in which one needs to sign up and like a account.