Announcing the Splinterlands Mobile App (ALPHA Version)

After over 8 months of design and development, we are excited to finally be able to release the first version of the Splinterlands mobile app, which is now open for all to access at!

Please be aware that this is an ALPHA version. There WILL be bugs. We have been testing for the past couple of weeks and have tried to fix as many bugs as possible, but the reality is that we can never catch everything. It is possible that a bug may cause you to "flee" a battle, or other things that may negatively impact your rating and/or rewards. By using the mobile app at this early stage, you are acknowledging these risks.

If you do encounter any issues, we have set up a new #mobile-tech-support channel in the Splinterlands Discord Server for bug reports and feedback from the mobile app specifically. We would greatly appreciate it if you could post any issues you run into in there with as much detail as possible, including what device and browser you are using, and screenshots if applicable.

How to Play

As a mobile web app, you can access it by simply going to the URL in any mobile browser. If your account was created with an email address then you can log in with the email address and password combination that you set up when you created your account. Otherwise you will need to log in with your Steem account name and private posting key (or master password, though that is not recommended).

You can also open the mobile app URL in the embedded browser within the Steem Wallet app by @roelandp. In this case the app will manage your keys just like the Steem Keychain browser extension does on desktop browsers. We will also be working on similar integrations with other blockchain-based mobile browsers in the future.

Mobile Web App

While in the future we plan to try to offer the app for download in both the Apple and Google app stores, we decided it makes much more sense to offer it initially as a mobile web app for a number of reasons. One reason is that it is possible to add web sites as an "app" on the home screen of your device, in which case the app will be nearly indistinguishable from a native app downloaded from the app store. You can see how to do this on iOS devices in the image below (note that this will only work if you open the app in the Safari web browser). The process is very similar for Android devices as well.

Known Issues & Features Coming Soon

You may notice that a number of features are listed as "Coming Soon" in the app. This includes the shop, events (tournaments) and guilds. We are working on implementing these features as quickly as possible, but we wanted to let the community start trying out the battle system right away before those pieces are done.

Additionally, the app does not currently support signing transactions with the active key, so if you have the "Require Active Authority" setting enabled for your account, you will not be able to perform any actions that require active authority in the app at this time. This includes transferring and combining cards and opening packs.

Finally, the new loot chest system has not been implemented in the mobile app yet, so if you claim your quest rewards through the mobile app you will receive all of your rewards in your account but you will not see them displayed in the app. We hope to have this implemented in the next few days.

As a side note, we will be removing the tournament quest from the game temporarily until the tournaments are implemented in the mobile app. We don't want mobile players to be stuck and unable to finish their quest!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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I'd love to watch a video or do an interview to understand the process of how you guys turned it into mobile and also why it took 8 months that would be facinating... seeing that steempeak may do something similar and we sure hope it doesn't take multiple people 8 months. That would be devastating news. But maybe we're different enough it's not the same.

Well, the current desktop site is a pretty big mess, so for the mobile app everything was rebuilt from scratch. At some point I would like to switch the desktop site over to the same codebase being used for the mobile site, but that realistically won't happen for quite a while.

On top of that, we had to literally redesign every single screen in the game for a portrait mode phone, and most screens went through multiple design revisions before we had something we liked. I doubt you'll have the same issues with steempeak since blog / text type content is usually easier to reformat to various screen sizes.

Finally, there were a LOT of changes to the game between the time we started on the mobile app project and now, so many times things were mostly built and then had to get redesigned and/or redeveloped to incorporate new changes.

So that's pretty much why things are taking so long, and we still have so much left to do!

So you're saying there's a chance. haha

But for reals you don't think it would be that bad. Let's say we have a designer give us the mockups for all the pages the part after that wouldn't be too terrible?

Well, the current desktop site is a pretty big mess

Is there any chance for a PC app? I think it'll be much smoother than playing on the browser :)

The app looks great! If you’re on iOS, Safari browser has an ‘Add to Home Screen’ option, which creates a convenient launcher icon to launch the Splinterlands Mobile app.

ios version! yeah baby!

Oh, I was waiting for this for several weeks, I play from my cell phone and the page of the previous game is very heavy, I hope this new release will bring me good results, I will be testing the page in a moment, and I will make known the possible problems to those who face me, thanks for this ♥ ️

Freaking Legendary all I know is
"In Splinterlands We Trust" best asset on the chain.... Congratulations Splinterlands team @Yabapmatt @aggroed y'all rock.

Posted using Partiko Android

Congratulations on launching this guys! Looking forward to more exciting success in 2020 for @splinterlands

Yessssssssss. Some day not too long from now, we'll look back and exchange !monster stories of 'Where were you when the Splinterlands Mobile App was released?' ...

Water Elemental.gif
Water Elemental, GIF created by @clove71

I'm so much happy to see that we now really have a mobile app of Splinterlands.

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I've been waitimg for this, and as for buggs I'm sure we will help you find them. Great job and keep it up

We're excited that you're also one step closer to the included marketing that comes with being in an app store (or both) ... we understand the experience won't be substantially different but the marketing aspect will be.

Great job

What an exciting time in Splinterlands!!

this is a amazing app's @splinterlands

Thanks. Finally wait is over.
you guys are rocking.

That's what we are waiting for~ great job team!

Awesome, this is the first PWA i'm using and will surely be putting it through its paces

Grandes notícias!!

I am glad that you are going to mobile platforms! This will give you new users and move the game to the masses.

really very good news, it looks amazing but maybe @roelandp should change the game in the wallet as well to the m. version. that way its looks better, it goes to the normal site now

It's hereeeee! Great news!!

Great post for this great game! We are running a fantasy trading contest now sponsored by Splinterlands! $500 USD worth of card packs to be given away!

Join now and win!
Contest will run until February 25, 2020.

loving the app!

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I have made a German translation of this post, so that the German players can inform themselves more easily.

Excellent News :)

Oh this is nice! Then I can try this one because before that I cannot even see anything from desktop version on my mobile under Brave browser

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