A Look Inside the Book - The Khymian Timeline

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Did you know that a lot of folks have been working more than a YEAR on a LORE BOOK? It's true! And we just had a Kickstarter to get the first set printed! Don't be sad if you missed out. We are planning to have some printed that will be available for sale.

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Without further ado...

The Khymian Timeline

All Splinters have a timeline, starting at the 'beginning' of their known time (since the Splintering). A lot of stuff has happened durning the last 1000 years in the Splinterlands.

How the past has affected the present times between the Splinters...

Do me a favor? Keep an eye out for spelling errors and such. Yes, I've been over it A LOT, but unfortunately, I am not perfect. I appreciate ANY help I can get. In the end, the goal is perfection... Let's see how close we can get. 🥰

Thanks for peeking in!

Got anything you're curious about?
Ask down in the comments and I'll see what I can find for ya.



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I can’t wait to get my hands on a physical copy.

@splinterlands, We are really excited to go through from the Thousand Years Journey and Timeline. Stay blessed.

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