A Look Inside the Book - The Introduction, Mount Mox and some Khymeria Popouts!

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Did you know that a lot of folks have been working more than a YEAR on a LORE BOOK? It's true! And we just had a Kickstarter to get the first set printed! Don't be sad if you missed out. We are planning to have some printed that will be available for sale.

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Without further ado...

The Introduction pages...

This is one of the inner cover pages, so the background and texture is different than the rest of the book. I quite love this poem at the beginning... written by the Lore Master @chrisroberts.

The Introduction (I feel like I've said that...)

Mount Mox and the battles we've grown to love...

Khymian Snippets

Each Splinter has a lot of these popouts or flavor texts. Basically, the are juicy little bits of specific lore. I love them. Here are a few to wet your whistle. (These are cut from the book and arranged here for your perusing pleasures.)

Do me a favor? Keep an eye out for spelling errors and such. Yes, I've been over it A LOT, but unfortunately, I am not perfect. I appreciate ANY help I can get. In the end, the goal is perfection... Let's see how close we can get. 🥰

Thanks for peeking in!

Got anything you're curious about?
Ask down in the comments and I'll see what I can find for ya.



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I'm looking forward to my copy of the book.

Also very cool you're using the author feature now.

I'm literally the ONLY ONE. I've been using it and pimping it AND I announced in our Team chat for Splinterlands that EVERYONE should use it cause it's AMAZING!

Seriously, I could be your biggest cheerleader...

But is just me... for now. I'll get 'em to turn. 😎
Thanks for creating awesome things that make my life easier!
😍 @carrieallen

You can always go back and edit old posts to put in the author. I'm sure i'm not the only one that is intrigued by who writes the posts.

Any word on the eta of the mobile app?

Assuming no disasters... January is the goal. 😍 @carrieallen

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I can’t wait to get mine. It will take pride of place in my home.

Is mount mox a play on words for the crypto exchange mount gox? It makes me think of it whenever I read it.

Hmmm... Not that I remember... I think it was more alliteration love... but I'll investigate. I can probably figure out where the idea originated... 😍 @carrieallen

@splinterlands, In a way we will once again move into the World Of Books to explore the Splinterlands World and in my opinion Book is an great and interesting way to spread the word for sure.

I really want to appreciate the creative and artful efforts of @chrisroberts.

Keep the awesome work team and stay blessed.

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Thank you, Chiree!

😍 @carrieallen

Welcome and have a wonderful time ahead. Stay blessed.