3rd Untamed Airdrop Card Revealed!

The Drake of Arnak is a medium-sized Dragon hybrid. He is highly intelligent and extremely rich, but cannot fly nor breathe fire. All his life he has honed his skills as a summoner, hoping to win a share of the glory that should rightfully be his as a carrier of the fire blood. The Drake's trademark is that his monsters are summoned to battle with a thin force field of blue fire, fortifying their defenses. Forms have been filed by the High Council to formally request that the Drake of Arnak hand over his secrets for the good of the united Gloridax, but he will not give up his proprietary magic without a fight. The Drake of Arnak is the Gloridax rival of Daria Dragonscale; the two despise one another.

The third Untamed airdrop card will be the Rare Dragon Summoner card - Drake of Arnak! With Daria Dragonscale recently going out of print, it was time to introduce a new non-Legendary Dragon Summoner card. The Drake casts a magical shield over the friendly team giving them +1 Armor which we expect will be a valuable benefit for many different types of teams and rulesets.

We expect the airdrop will be available before the end of the year, and since it is a Rare card it will have a much higher drop rate than the previous two Legendary rarity airdrops. On average about 1 in 24 eligible packs will receive a Drake of Arnak card in the airdrop, but please keep in mind that it is random so some people will get more and some people will get less than the average.

Only packs purchased through the website on or before December 17th, 2019, as well as any packs from the recent crowdfunding campaign will be eligible for this airdrop.

Finally, we hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and we are incredibly excited about what lies ahead in the Splinterlands in 2020!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Nice one! Finally I have a shot at the airdrop, and yay for the 1 in 24 packs drop rate :)

All the new cards are so awesome! Love this!


It would be a nice Christmas present :-)

I love the desing of the new card, very interesting

Awesome to see low rarity summoners. The more the better as this should allow more players to play the game as alpha/beta rare summoners are just too ridiculous in price.

Very cool!!🚀👹🎉

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