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RE: Announcing "Anytime" Tournaments

in #splinterlands2 years ago

After that time it is our expectation that we will begin to shift the majority, if not all, of the Splinterlands-sponsored tournaments to the Anytime format going forward.

What???!!! I thought that it was stated that would not be the case.

I have played a couple of the tournaments on the testnest and I didn't have a single second of fun in them. They're unpersonal AF and there's no thrill.

Interaction between players during tournaments is lower than compared to the Challonge days, but it still exists in some Discord servers.
So no more discussing (past) battles, cheering or cursing together.

Waiting 24 or more hours for the result is an awful anti-climax.

Again, you guys are talking away part of the fun in the game. Well done... not!

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