Shyaren presents: Discord News #1 - The place to get all new splinterland discord information, that arent posted on the offical account!

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Welcome everyone to the first editon of "Discord News", your number one source to catch up on splinterland news that didn't make it to the offical account! ~

Let's start of hot here: @yabapmatt presented the newest UNTAMED card to be revealed in the general channel!

new card.JPG

A neutral toad! Called "Horny Toad". Now the question is, is it horny, or horny?

More news, after a short ad!

~~ Two more posts coming later today! ~~

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Ad-break is over!

new news.png

It seems were close to some kind of announcement for either new reward cards and/or some news about the follow-up for Archmage Arius, which was distributed via Mystery potions!

Exciting times to be a fan of #splinterlands !

Without further delay, lets look at the next piece of news!

news 2.png

This seems to confirm a few different things:

  • Its likely another legendary card, otherwise more BCX would make sense
  • There will be a total of 90 cards
  • One card will be distributed every 2 days via mystery potions

On to our last piece of news!

news 3.JPG

Apparantly UNTAMED is gonna consist of 65-70 cards! + 14 Airdrop cards!
That means that splinterlands will see nearly 100 new cards in the coming months! around 84 from untamed and airdrops and around 15 reward cards that have each already completed over 80% of their printrun! MORE CARDS x)


That brings us to an end of the first issue of "Discord News"!

What do you think? Want more in the future?

I got the idea today, and included everything new from todays posts in discord, in the future I might couple news from 2-3 days, so that the posts are a bit longer!

Shyaren out ~



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This news so existing hahaha

I like the recap. Even though I follow up closely on Discord, I assume others aren't as obsessed as I am. Stuff easily gets covered by other messages.

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This frog looks like the breakfast I had today. Muaharharhar...

100 new cards? That is a lot and will create tons of new combination options. It will be expensive to get all the new cards from the market. I bet they start with high prices and slowly become cheaper overt time.